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Vanessa Torres
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The mission of the tüüÇai Court is to improve the quality of life for participants by providing multi-agency community-based services, specialized treatment that is designed to address and mutually benefit the needs of the participants. 

The main purpose of tüüÇai Court is to help you to:

  • Learn to be alcohol/ drug-free
  • Learn to stay alcohol/ drug-free
  • Improve family/friend relationships
  • Stop criminal activity that hurts you and the community & learn new ways of being
  • Develop time management skills
  • Work towards achieving your dreams

TuuCai Court

What is tüüÇai Court?

The Southern Ute tüüÇai Court is a special court that gets involved when someone is repeatedly being arrested and charged with criminal offenses, is not following court conditions, and/or continues to abuse alcohol or drugs. In this court, any issues that have been giving you legal troubles, or keep you from doing as well as you can, will be addressed. The goal is to help you walk a good path with the support of your family and friends. It is designed to help you solve problems and to discover your talents. The difference in this court is that both good and bad behaviors have consequences. The consequences will be immediate and will happen because it is believed they will help you.

In tüüÇai Court, you will be working closely with the tüüÇai Court Core Team. This team is responsible for supporting the individual Wellness Plan for each person who participates. The team meets regularly to review your progress and make recommendations to help you along. The Core Team is made up of people from these organizations:

  • Elder Representative
  • Tribal Prosecutor
  • Tribal Public Defender
  • Southern Ute Police Department
  • tüüÇai Case Manager
  • Community Representative
  • Tribal Court Judge
  • Substance Abuse Counselor


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