Southern Ute Indian Tribe

Inmate Services

Inmate Rights

  1. To be free from discrimination, based on race, religion, national origin, tribal affiliation, sex, handicap, political beliefs, or favoritism and nepotism.
  2. To have equal access to programs and work assignments.
  3. To be protected from personal abuse, corporal punishment, including sexual harassment, by either staff or inmates.
  4. To due process in disciplinary procedures.
  5. To be advised of grievance procedures.
  6. To be free from reprisals or penalties as a result of questioning or appealing decisions.
  7. To be treated with respect, dignity, and fairness.
  8. To a clean and healthy environment.
  9. To adequate toilet, bathing, and laundry facilities.
  10. To adequate lighting, heating, and ventilation.
  11. To reasonable access to courts, legal counsel, and governmental authorities.
  12. To reasonable medical, mental health and substance abuse treatment and services, including the use of traditional practitioners.
  13. To a wholesome, properly prepared, nutritionally adequate diet.
  14. To clean and seasonable clothing.
  15. To have access to recreation.
  16. To carry out religious, spiritual or ceremonial practices, subject only to the centers need for institutional safety, security and other.
  17. To send and receive mail.
  18. To visitation with family members and friends in an area designated by the center, limited only by facility needs to maintain institutional safety, order and security.
  19. To be informed of all rules of the facility.

Inmate Housing

There is a large dayroom in the back area and in the front area where the television is located and secured. The dorms have private restroom areas and (2) two showers. E-Dorm is primarily used for housing female inmates. This area is set up much like D-Dorm. The same amenities apply. C-Pod is used to house immigration inmates and administrative segregation inmates.  The Detention Center is primarily split into (5) five living sections. A-B Pods consists of (6) six two-man cells. Each pod has a dayroom setup with tables and chairs. A television is also secured in each dayroom. There are (2) two showers located in A and B pod. D and E dorms are a Dormitory setup. D-Dorm is classified as the minimum custody and work release dorm. Each living area has a double bunk bed set up.

Inmate Mail

Mailboxes are provided for the inmates in each dayroom area. The mail will be collected from the mailboxes once per day, Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and holidays. Outgoing mail should not be sealed before placing it in the mailbox. Sufficient postage must be applied unless you are on indigent status.

The inmate must have a full sending and receiving address clearly written on the envelope. No nicknames or pictures will be allowed. Plain envelopes will only be accepted. All mail will be delivered to the inmate each evening on swing shift Monday through Friday. There is no restriction on the volume of mail an inmate may send or receive. However, there is a limit on how many pieces of mail an inmate may have in their possession. Excess mail will be stored in the inmate’s personal property.

Detention Center Mailing Address

[Inmates Name]
Southern Ute Detention Center
P.O. Box 737 #38
Ignacio, Colorado 81137

Contraband Mail

Mail received from former inmates within thirty (30) days of release from incarceration will not be accepted and will be returned to sender.

Other types of mail that will not be accepted:

  • Food.
  • Clothing (unless approved for release).
  • Stamps and writing material.
  • Greeting cards that contain batteries, metal or plastic fasteners/bindings.
  • Any item defined as contraband by the Department. Contraband found in the mail will be confiscated. You will be informed in writing of the items confiscated and why.
  • Sexually explicit material.
  • Letters sent/received from other correctional facilities.
  • Books and Magazines, Newspapers (unless approved by Administration for Departmental Programs).