Southern Ute Indian Tribe

Tribal Services


The mission of Tribal Services is to strengthen families by promoting positive personal growth and well-being based on a strength-based perspective and empowerment of individuals through a network of holistic and culturally relevant comprehensive human services that addresses the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs of the Tribal membership all based on honoring individual self-determination.

Mouache-Capote Building
Mouache-Capote Building

The advancement of the mission is by service provision through five divisions and programs within Tribal Services: Elder Services Program, Emergency Family Services, Food Distribution, Social Services, and Vocational Rehabilitation.

Additionally, Tribal Services Programs consistently seek input from Tribal Members and Tribal Administration to improve quality of service,  to be responsible and accountable to the membership, and to plan, improve, and grow programs that are consistent with current needs.

Photo credit: Nancy S. Young | Southern Ute Shared Services