Southern Ute Indian Tribe

Forestry Division

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Forestry Division Head

Brian Gideon
(970) 563-4780


To restore, improve, protect, and preserve the Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s forest resource for the benefit and use of current and future generations. 

Overriding Goal

To serve the Southern Ute Tribal Membership by engaging in forest management activities on the reservation’s commercial timber lands and piñon/juniper woodlands, to continue with the successful implementation of ongoing projects, and to become a self-determined program.

Prescribed Burn
Prescribed Burn


  • Recognize and incorporate cultural and traditional values in Forestry Division programs and projects.
  • Provide employment, training, and advancement opportunities to the Southern Ute Tribal Membership.
  • Be accountable, responsible, and efficient in the use of fiscal and non-fiscal resources.
  • Improve and restore Reservation forests, provide protection from catastrophic fire, improve wildlife habitat, and improve forest health and stand vigor on the Tribe’s commercial forests and woodlands.
  • Offer technical expertise to the Southern Ute Tribal Membership.
Forest Management
Forest Management

Forestry Fuels Program

The purpose of the Forestry Fuels Program is to achieve multiple natural resource objectives, including fuels reduction, forest health improvement, commercial forest stand improvement, and wildlife habitat improvement, through the thinning of the Tribe’s commercial forests and woodlands. The fuel wood produced through these activities is made available to the Tribal membership to heat their primary residence. Firewood is also made available for ceremonial purposes within the exterior boundary of the Southern Ute Indian Reservation.

Timber Cutting
Timber Cutting

Other Activities

  • Fire Management – the Forestry Division provides fire suppression and prescribed fire services.
  • Cottonwood Plantation – the Forestry Division manages and maintains a cottonwood plantation and the trees are utilized for Tribal ceremonies.
  • Bear Dance and Sun Dance – the Forestry Division aids in the annual preparation of the Bear Dance and Sun Dance.
  • Snow Removal from walkways and roofs.

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