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Emergency Family Services

The Southern Ute Tribal Emergency Family Services Emergency (EFS) Grant Program provides assistance to enrolled Southern Ute Indian Tribal members to help overcome an emergency or other circumstances that pose an imminent threat to their health and safety.

Lucille (Alice) Red

Lucille (Alice) Red | photo by Linda Perkins

Program Information

The Emergency Family Services Division provides assistance to Southern Ute Tribal Members living on/off the reservation. Emergency grant funds are limited to $600 per eligible tribal member age 18 and over.

  • Emergency needs, including food, shelter, utilities, and emergency appliance repair or replacement (refrigerator, range, washing machine, or dryer only), if existing appliance failure causes hardship in the family.
  • Emergency home repairs for homes owned by eligible Tribal members, including heating, plumbing and mechanical devices such as septic tanks, water heaters, water pumps, furnace/stoves, and sump pumps, may be approved for the homeowner’s primary residence only, and subject to availability of funds. Rental units will not be approved.
  • Transportation: Funds for transportation may be used to assist in the event of an untimely death of an immediate family member, or in situations where a Tribal member’s health and safety is at risk.
  • Tribal members who live off the SUIT reservation who wish to request emergency food assistance are asked to turn in their Emergency Family Services application in by Monday no later than 3:00 PM in order to be processed on time for payment that Friday.We cannot guarantee payment on Friday if your application is turned in after Monday.Keep in mind, Holidays can affect the deadlines.
  • If you wish to use the Emergency Family Services Program to pay your utility bills, we ask that you turn in the bill at the same time you turn in your application. We will not be responsible for requesting a copy of the bill from the company.
  • Emergency assistance will not be used to pay for expenses that have not received prior approval from the Emergency Family Services office, such as propane deliveries, emergency shelter and any other expenses.


FY2017 Emergency Grant Application Form