Southern Ute Indian Tribe

Inmate Programs

The Southern Ute Detention Center is a facility that focuses on providing rehabilitation programs for local and contract inmates. The programs provided are directed towards treatment for alcoholism, drug abuse, anger management, and parenting classes. The facility also allows an opportunity for inmates to obtain their GED diploma. The programs that are offered will hopefully lead to a healthy lifestyle and a chance to succeed and overcome any challenges in life. Each class is instructed by a certified counselor or Teacher. Below you will find an extensive list of programs that are offered here at the Southern Ute Detention Center.

Drug and Alcohol

Drug and alcohol counselors discuss issues that concern the negative effects of alcohol and drugs. The inmates are able to give and receive feedback from the counselor and each other.

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)

AA class consists of local AA members who volunteer to conduct these meetings. The discussions involve alcoholism and focusing on solutions of sobriety.

Anger Management

This class focuses on anger management in a group discussion atmosphere. Inmates will discuss issues involving family violence which stems from their anger. The key concept is to establish a way for the inmates to deal with their aggression without hurting themselves or others. Once you are enrolled into this class whether you volunteered or you were court ordered, you must continue to attend this class until such time as you are released or the Instructor feels that you have accomplished what you need.

Adult Education and GED

The Pine River Community Learning Center, in partnership with SUDC, has created one of the State’s leading corrections, adult-education programs. From secondary education to college preparation, GED to vocational studies, as well as workplace and consumer skills, inmates have a variety of resources, readings, and technologies available to help them succeed in their lives after release. Classes are conducted 4 days a week, in both group and individual settings, and the local GED Testing Center is available to proctor tests monthly. The average performance rate is 1 grade-level advance per 25 hours of instruction; more than 30 inmates have obtained a GED diploma since the program’s inception, and an estimated 50 have been accepted to colleges and tech schools.

Art Class

An Art instructor conducts each class. Class is held two days out of the week and rotates weekly in order to facilitate the needs of all inmates.


The Detention makes available to the inmate population a library that is open to the inmates once a week. Magazines and Books are furnished thru donations.


Catholic Mass is conducted once a week for Catholic inmates. A volunteer Deacon from the Catholic Church conducts the service and one-on-one counseling for inmates one day a week. Once a month a Catholic priest will conduct Confessions for those inmates that wish to attend.

Native American Church

The Center has constructed, along with a Native American Counselor, a Sweat Lodge for Native Americans to sweat. Native American Medicine Man and women volunteer to conduct the sweats. The sweat lodge is located at the rear of the facility in the recreation yard. This is available to any inmate wishing to attend.

Parenting Classes

This class discusses parenting while in jail and helps those who are released to deal with their children. Fatherhood Program: This program helps fathers cope with being in jail and still being a father. It also assists inmates to adjust when they are released from jail.