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Jeremy Wade Shockley | Southern Ute Drum

Welcome to the Southern Ute Tribal Member Experience Help Center

Attention! You will need to request a new account to access the Tribal Member Experience, even if you have an account on the old site. Account holders must be an enrolled Southern Ute tribal member, 18 years of age and older.

Getting started resources – We want to make sure you have the best possible experience with getting started. Plan on up to 30 minutes to review the resources that are outlined below.
Support resources – To fully guide you in this new experience, there are several support options available. We strongly encourage you to sign up for a Training Session or a Support Session to make the most of the new Tribal Member Experience features.
  • Training Sessions  – join us for a scheduled training session (virtual or in-person)
    • Request, set up, use your Tribal Member account
    • Tribal member portal tour and use
    • How to set up and use mobile apps
    • Sign up for Tribal alerts
    • Using Microsoft Office 365
    • Call (970) 563-5050 or email helpdesk@southernute.com to express your interest in a training session.
  • Scheduled Support – schedule a one-on-one in-person or virtual one-on-one support session if you have questions or need help
  • Support Team – the SUSS Tribal Member Experience team is trained and available to help with onboarding, training, etc.
    • Support hours are Mon – Thu 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM and Fri 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    • To contact the support team please call (970) 563-5050 or email helpdesk@southernute.com