Southern Ute Indian Tribe


Bonding Procedure

When bonding out a family member or friend, you first must contact the Southern Ute Detention Center’s booking area.

  • Call the Detention Center at (970) 563-0379 ext. 2833.
  • Give the Officer your name and relation to the inmate.
  • Each charge has a different bond amount; be sure to ask what the total bond amount is.
  • Ask the officer if it is a Cash Bond or a Surety Bond.
  • A Cash Bond (Cash only will be accepted.)
  • A Surety Bond (You may go through a Bondsman.)


If the inmate you are wishing to bond out is still intoxicated, they will not be released until their P.B.T.(Portable Breath Test) is .000. The Arraignment date will be set for the following day, excluding weekends and holidays.

  • Monday thru Thursday Arraignment Hours (1:30 PM)
  • Friday’s Arraignment hours (11:00 AM)

Approved Bail Bond Companies

  • Bill May Bail Bonding (970) 259-5054
  • AAA Bail Bonding (970) 385-7610
  • AA Bail Bonding (970) 247-1443

The Bail Bonds service is (24) hours a day (7) days a week. Should you be the victim of the inmate’s crime, you may not have any contact with or bond them out.

  • The victims will be notified by Detention Staff or Victim Services if and when the inmate is released.