Southern Ute Indian Tribe

Lands Division

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Lands Division Head

Seana Luzar
(970) 563-2236

Administrative Assistant

Lenora Burch
(970) 563-2233

Tribal Lands Surveyor

Sam Brescia
(970) 563-2259


To provide for the administration, management, protection, conservation, and surface utilization of lands owned by the Southern Ute Tribe for the benefit of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and its members. 

The Division is responsible for activities related to:

  1. Land Assignments, Dedications, and Home-site/Residential Leases
  2. Proposed Project Notification (PPN) procedures
  3. Ingress/Egress access issues
  4. Rights-of-way, Service line agreements, Business leases, Licenses & Permits relating to non-oil & gas activities
  5. Crossing Permits
  6. Maintenance of records and documents relating to the Cadastral Survey of trust lands, purchases, and boundary disputes
  7. Oversight of the Tribe’s Cultural Resource Policy and responsible for reviewing Archaeological Surveys
  8. Land acquisitions

In adhering to the Mission Statement, The Lands Division coordinates with other staff and outside parties to provide for the oversight management and use of the surface of Tribal Lands and the many land issues that are brought forth from use by Tribal government and members, State, Federal and local governmental entities, private and commercial entities, as well as balancing mineral extraction activities use with other surface uses.

Annex Building
Annex Building – Jeremy Wade Shockley | Southern Ute Drum

Jurisdiction on the reservation is complex. In an attempt to assist with the complexity and jurisdictional issues, the Tribe has collaborated with CDOT on the placement of signs on the reservation boundaries indicating to travelers that they are entering the reservation. In addition to the CDOT signs, we have worked diligently to review and place general Tribal signage and survey/line placards in visible locations to protect the Tribe’s Sovereignty and assist Tribal members, law enforcement, and Tribal staff in identifying Tribal boundaries.

A brochure was developed, titled “Living in La Plata County”. The brochure was developed to assist residents or business operators in La Plata County understand the unique aspects of living or working on or near the Southern Ute Indian Reservation. This brochure is available online and at several locations throughout the Tribal campus and at the La Plata County offices.

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