Southern Ute Indian Tribe

Social Services Division

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Social Services

Division Head

Vera Blackwater
Mouache-Capote Building
116 Capote Drive
Ignacio, CO 81137



The mission of the Division of Social Services is to provide quality social services in a respectful and culturally sensitive manner.  The promotion of individual family and community safety, unity, and stability is a priority which shall be supported in a compassionate manner by the entire staff through the identification of strengths, the support of positive changes, and the provision of protective service for all at-risk adults, elders, and children pursuant to the provisions of the Southern Ute Indian Tribal Court and any other lawful orders of a court of competent jurisdiction.  The Division encourages empowering people to achieve economic and social self-determination.  The Division serves each individual with respect and recognition of every person’s natural right to dignity and worth.

Mouache-Capote Building
Mouache-Capote Building

Services to Tribal Members

Adult Protection Services

Services are provided to adult at-risk population who are abused, neglected, or exploited.

Child Protection Services

Services are provided to those children who are abused, neglected, and endangered.

Family Preservation Services

Provides intervention and support for parents and children experiencing problems at home.

Foster Parent Program

Foster parents are recruited, trained, and compensated to provide out-of-home placement.  Please call us at 970-563-2332 for more information.

Indian Child Welfare Services

Provides protection for Tribal children involved in the State child welfare system.

General Assistance

Provides financial assistance to those who qualify.

Referral Services

Refers clients to appropriate local resources.

Administrative Staff

Provides services to Division staff within the Division itself.


Photo credit: Nancy S. Young | Southern Ute Shared Services