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Wildlife Advisory Board

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Wildlife Advisory Board

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Wildlife Advisory Board
Wildlife Advisory Board – Pictured left to right: Maria Baker, Julian Baker, Alex Pena, Andrew Gallegos, Lindsey Hanna, Board Chairman Lance Taylor

The purpose of the Wildlife Advisory Board is to work in an advisory capacity to the Tribal government on the development of wildlife regulations, including, but not limited to, the establishment of all hunting and fishing seasons, bag limits, species restrictions, guiding and outfitting rules, and other regulations related to the harvest of game animals under the jurisdiction of the Tribe.

This advisory function extends to applicable wildlife management activities within the Southern Ute Indian Reservation and the so-called “Brunot Area”, in which the Tribe retains for its members treaty hunting and fishing rights.

The Board will serve as a voice for the Southern Ute Tribal membership, and will therefore consult with the membership in order to provide advice and input for Tribal Council, the Wildlife Resource Management Division, and the Tribal Rangers.