Southern Ute Tribal Seal

Finance Department


The mission of the Finance Department of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe is to provide world class processing of financial transactions to allow for the most timely and accurate financial information, which will allow management to strategically manage the Tribe’s resources and objectives.


The Controller is in charge of the Accounting Division, which is responsible for the accounting for nearly all of the accounting functions for the Permanent Fund. The Director of Budget and Planning is responsible for preparation of budgets and reports and is involved in strategic long-term planning. The Director of Treasury and Cash management, manages the treasury and investments.

Payroll Bear

Payroll Bear – photo by Dana Kopf | Southern Ute MIS Dept.

Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable (AP/AR)

The goal of the Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable team is to ensure that all bills are paid when due and all revenues of the tribe are recorded and collected when earned. A full-time front desk person also supports the team in the cashiering function and provides reception for the entire Finance Department.

General Ledger/Fixed Assets

The General Ledger/Fixed Assets group’s primary function is to properly record and report financial operations. This group also distributes per capita, elder’s retirement, and dividend payments to the membership.

Purchasing/Central Receiving

The Purchasing Division coordinates the procurement and distribution of goods and services and facilitates travel requirements for the tribal organization. When a tribal department needs goods, services or travel for tribal business, a Purchase Requisition or a Travel Request is submitted to the Purchasing Division. Purchasing reviews the request to ensure that the request is properly authorized and coded. A search for vendors, products, services and best prices is conducted before sourcing a requisition to the appropriate vendor or travel agency. When goods are received, they are entered into PeopleSoft as having been received and then delivered to the appropriate departments.

Purchasing also manages and stocks a Central Supply Room with expendable office, janitorial and break room supplies.

Tribal Credit

Tribal Credit is committed to providing loans to enrolled members of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe for the betterment of their lives. By providing an affordable Line of Credit to assist with Capital and Cash Flow requirements, to increase economic opportunities, and improve quality of Life. The Secured Home Loan Program is a resource for financial opportunities to become a successful homeowner, yet all the while being consistent with safe and sound lending practices.

Contracts and Grants

The Contracts and Grants office works with tribal departments to apply for and manage substantial funding from federal, state and private granting agencies. Funding from Public Law 93-638 contracts and grants from other agencies is devoted to Tribal Self-Determination, assuring the tribe directs, plans and administers its own federally funded programs for education, social services, agriculture, environmental protection, health and wellness, law enforcement, construction projects, tribal court, water resources, disaster preparedness, museum assistance and pass-through funding to Southern Ute Community Action Program (SUCAP).

The Contracts and Grants office is also responsible to ensure that funding received is spent in accordance with the many federal and state regulations and private organizational requirements. Compliance with these requirements is as important as obtaining the funding.


The Payroll Division provides payroll services for the tribal government/Permanent Fund and all Growth Fund entities. Paychecks are processed on a biweekly basis. Approximately 1,175 paychecks are processed every two weeks, and over 33,000 paychecks are processed per year. Appropriate tax reports are submitted to the IRS, as well as the eight related state tax agencies with tribal employment locations. The Payroll Division consistently meets its mission to process paychecks in a timely and accurate manner.