Southern Ute Indian Tribe

Division of Gaming

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Division Head

Jackie Budd


The Southern Ute Division of Gaming is dedicated to implementing, regulating, and supervising the conduct of gaming on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation, as authorized by the tribal Gaming Code and Southern Ute Tribe/State of Colorado Gaming Compact, accomplishing its lawful obligations in a caring and professional manner, to promote mutual respect, honesty, and rigid adherence to the tribal codes resulting in fair and impartial treatment for all. The Division of Gaming is committed to the ideals of Gaming integrity, tribal membership involvement and accountability, regulatory compliance, and public confidence.

The Division of Gaming is Divided Into Four Sections


This section performs background investigations and issues temporary licenses to applicants for gaming or gaming-related licenses for employees of the Sky Ute Casino Resort.


This section creates the Internal Control Minimum Procedures.


This section performs testing on slot machine software and tracks testing of slot machines and ensures that they are in compliance with Tribal, State, and Federal guidelines.


Gaming Investigators are on duty 24/7 for regulatory or law enforcement needs at the casino.

First Time Gaming License Application Request

Note. Please use this link only if you are applying for a job at the Sky Ute Casino Resort and are not a current employee.