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Construction & Project Management is committed to carrying out, in a professional manner, the needs and visions of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe related to the planning, design, and construction of tribal projects.



Moderately Complex Laboratory Modular

The Southern Ute Indian Tribe was awarded an Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity Funding grant by the state of Colorado in 2022 to support Covid testing capacity.

Status: Construction
Completion Date: June 2024

Agricultural Equipment Storage Building

This project is to provide the Agricultural Division with a new metal storage building to house farming equipment and provide hay storage protected from weather.

Status: Bidding
Completion Date: Fall 2024

Cedar Point Home Replacement Project

This project will replace certain homes in the Cedar Point Subdivision for homeowners that chose to participate.

Status: Bidding
Completion Date: Fall 2026

Healing Community Pre-Design

This project will build a substance use disorder treatment campus.

Status: Pre-Design
Completion Date: Summer 2024

Ute Vocational School/Head Start Building Demolition

Demolish the Southern Ute Boarding school building that was constructed in 1902.

Status: Planning
Completion Date: Summer 2024

Annex Building Upgrades

Upgrade access with an elevator, hand rails, and an ADA ramp at the front entrance.

Status: Planning
Completion Date: 2025

Moache Capote Building Entrance Update

To be in conformance with many Tribal buildings, the entrance at MCB requires a vestibule for secure entry where TIS can check in visitors.

Status: Planning
Completion Date: Winter 2024-2025

Ouray Cemetery Infrastructure Work

Upgrade fencing, storage, and water line; add ADA parking, low-level lighting, and benches.

Status: Planning
Completion Date: Fall 2024


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