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Tribal Information Services

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Tribal Information Services Director

Amy Barry


The Department of Tribal Information Services (TIS) is dedicated to the protection, preservation, maintenance, and dissemination of vital Tribal information, data, and records. 

Tribal Information Services is dedicated to providing excellent customer service to the tribal membership and the tribal organization and its entities.

The Tribal Information Services Department consists of the Administration, Reception/Mail Clerks, Records Retention, Vital Statistics Office, DRUM, and Public Relations. Feel free to contact us using the General Information or Drum Newspaper options on the form.

Services to Tribal Members

  • Code books: $25.00
  • Notary Public
  • Election Candidates Campaign Information:
    • Electoral Candidate Mailings
  • Contact list of services provided to families faced with the passing of a Tribal Member
  • Mailings
    • Minutes
    • Calendar
    • Annual Report
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Permit Application and First Order for Eagle Parts for Native American Religious Purposes Instructions and Forms (TIS Director will certify Southern Ute Member enrollments)
  • 2020 U.S. Liaison for the Southern Ute Tribe
CSR Building
Dana Kopf | Southern Ute Shared Services

Records Retention

Records Retention’s mission is to safeguard, preserve, and house the records of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe for future reference and documentation.

The staff works closely with Tribal Council, the Recording Secretaries, and other departments including the Growth Fund to ensure all minutes and resolutions are retained for safeguarding and future reference. The Records room contains a high security, climate-controlled vault where sensitive and historical information is stored. A complete list of inventoried items exists within the division.

Records Retention provides services to Tribal Members, Permanent Fund, Growth Fund, Tribal committees, and commissions. The Records Retention division is currently transitioning to an Electronic Management System. The goal of this transition is to make searching for records and documents easier for Tribal departments. Through this transition, the Tribe will implement the first retention policy approved by Tribal Council since the division’s inception.


  • Tribal Membership
    • Electronic or paper copies of Tribal Council resolutions and/or minutes
    • Photo scanning: Photos can only be scanned and electronically disbursed. The DRUM can be contacted for printing (there may be a fee associated with this service).
    • Document and file shredding (2 bankers boxes per month per household)
  • Employees and Departments
    • Storage, maintenance, and disposition of Tribal records.
    • Electronic or hard copies of resolutions, minutes, or associated departmental documents.
    • Binding
    • Large document scanning
    • Laminating

Vital Statistics

The Vital Statistics Office’s responsibility is to serve the Tribal membership and to protect the Tribe’s cultural identity by ensuring the accuracy, integrity, and security of all enrolled members’ information.

The Vital Statistics Clerk provides Tribal members information as needed. Most services are free of charge; however, contact the Vital Statistics Clerk to verify if there is charge and the amount or for more information regarding any of these services.


  • Free Notary Public
  • Southern Ute Tribal Enrollment Packets
  • Tribal Membership ID Cards
  • Certificates of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIBs)
  • Tax exemption certification used for federal and Colorado state tax verification
  • Name changes
  • Address changes
  • Insurance paperwork for deceased Tribal members
  • Copies of birth certificates and Social Security Cards
  • BIA Form 4432 Verification of Indian Preference for Employment
  • Descendant letters for individuals who can prove they are a descendant of an enrolled Southern Ute Tribal member
  • DNA testing is mandatory for all Tribal member fathers to determine conclusive paternity. Dependent upon the DNA test results, a determination will be made on possible reimbursement.

The Southern Ute Drum

The Southern Ute Drum is the Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s biweekly community newspaper.

Our job is to provide the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and its Membership with services in the administration of the Tribal newspaper, Tribal events, and projects assigned by the Tribal government.


  • Biweekly newspaper – Published every other Friday, the Drum includes articles, photos, letters, notices, ads, job postings, and other content relevant to Tribal members. All Tribal members are welcome to submit material or request coverage of certain events for the newspaper.
  • Tribal calendar – A 14-month calendar distributed to all heads-of-household that highlights Tribal culture and activities.
  • Annual Report – Includes reports and photos from all Tribal departments and divisions on their activities each fiscal year.
  • Professional photo studio – The studio is open to Tribal members for photo shoots. We also do photo shoots on location.
  • Photo prints – Professional prints of newspaper photos or other photo projects are available to order.
  • Design services – The Drum designs posters, flyers, and other promotional materials for various Tribal members and departments.
  • Editing services – We are available to edit copy for various purposes as requested.
  • News archive – The Drum is a reference for Tribal members and departments searching for historical information from 1969 onward.
  • Public information – We assist TIS in distributing press releases and related materials to the public.
  • Community education – Tribal members are welcome to stop by or set up appointments for training in photography, writing, or design.
  • Public relations – Thanksgiving food drive, Ignacio community Easter egg hunt, Christmas toy drive, Leonard C. Burch art and literacy contest, cancer awareness month

Visit The Southern Ute Drum Newspaper Online.