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Johnson O’Malley Program

The Mission of the Johnson O’Malley program (JOM) is to address the unique cultural needs of American Indian students attending the Ignacio and Bayfield Public schools, and the Southern Ute Montessori Head Start and Early Head Start through a supplemental program of services planned, developed and approved by the Indian Education Parent Committee (JOM committee).

Historically, JOM has Provided Assistance with


JOM will not supplant programs already in place within the school district, it’s our goal to support these activities and offer our American Indian students the means to increase their studying capacity.

Parent Involvement

Parents wish to be involved but are not knowledgeable about the educational system and the way it works. Additionally, cultural differences are a large part of the parent’s lack of comfort in their interaction with school personnel. The Southern Ute Tribe’s Education department partners with the Johnson O’Malley program in creating programs or presentations to increase parent involvement. In addition, JOM is a vehicle with which the School District can use to usher parents into the schools and help make them feel more at ease.

School Supply distribution/Educational Support Items

Each year JOM eligible students have the unique opportunity to obtain their school supplies through funding from the JOM program. Supplies for Jr. High and High School students are generalized and requests for specialized supplies can be submitted to the JOM Program at no cost to parents. In recent years JOM has also partnered with the science labs, math labs, and elective courses for supplies as they are unique and specialized, and not a duplication of any service already provided by federal funding in the district.

Educational Support Items can include: items that are required in order for students to participate/excel in a class such as, but not limited to: School supplies, shop supplies, lab fees, Home Economics supplies, Testing Fees (ACT/SAT), glasses, graduation cap and gown, Extracurricular Supplies: includes sports, cultural, camps, science projects, band, art, etc. school sponsored athletic training, improved behavior/attitude, online courses designed to take place of the school required curriculum.


Incentives are categories for funding based on a students achievement in school. To qualify for incentive funding – students and/or parents must first submit a request for funding outlining the activity. The activity must be school related, but not necessarily school sponsored. The incentive will have to further their educational goals, increase their extracurricular strengths (sports, music, drama, etc.), and/or incline the student to higher education.

Partnerships for Innovative Approaches to Education

JOM committee will allow for funding students whose interest takes them to a different learning ground, including partnering with agencies that offer summer and mini camps throughout the year.

Educational Partnerships with Southern Ute Montessori Head Start

Recognizing our earliest learners, the committee will include activities and expenses to support the S. Ute Montessori Head Start with Montessori education/training for parents, cultural supplies, and special needs.


  • Need to show proof of 1/4 Indian blood with a certificate of Indian blood (C.I.B.) or
  • Birth certificate and parents’ C.I.B. (to show blood lineage)
  • Must be age 3 to 18
  • Must attend Ignacio or Bayfield school districts or Southern Ute Montesorri Head Start