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Aran Johnson

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The Wildlife Resource Management Division is primarily responsible for managing, protecting, and enhancing the diverse and abundant wildlife and fisheries resources of the Southern Ute Indian Reservation. Division staff carry out a wide variety of functions, including developing and managing Tribal hunting and fishing programs, field research on fish and wildlife populations, enhancing fish and wildlife habitats, developing Tribal wildlife conservation policies, working cooperatively with Federal and State wildlife management agencies, providing wildlife educational programs, managing the Tribe’s bison herd, and assisting with clearances and environmental assessments related to development or land-disturbing activities.

Mule Deer Bucks
Mule Deer Bucks

Services to Tribal Members

Hunting and Fishing Related Services

  • Annual deer and elk harvest for elderly/handicapped/single female tribal members
  • Permitting for hunting, fishing, non-member accompany, and guiding & outfitting activities
  • Testing of harvested deer and elk for chronic wasting disease
  • Certified hunter education classes (Spring and Fall) and youth fishing clinics

Bison Related Services

  • Provision of bison meat, robes, rawhide, and skulls from the Tribe’s bison herd
  • Annual sales of surplus live bison and hay

Other Wildlife-Related Services

  • Nuisance, injured, and orphaned wildlife response
  • Assistance with acquiring eagle parts from USFWS for cultural or religious purposes
  • Wildlife information source (e.g., local wildlife information, Tribal and State hunting information, etc.)

Wildlife Conservation

The Wildlife Advisory Board works in an advisory capacity to the Tribal government on the development of wildlife regulations.

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