Southern Ute Indian Tribe

Guiding and Outfitting

Division of Wildlife Resource Management

Wildlife Division Head

Aran Johnson

Guiding and outfitting for hunting or fishing is highly regulated on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation, and the privilege of engaging in this business on tribal lands is generally reserved for enrolled Southern Ute Tribal members who satisfy strict permitting requirements. All guides and outfitters must be permitted by the Division of Wildlife Resource Management and follow rules, regulations, and reporting requirements developed specifically for guiding and outfitting. Complete regulations and permitting criteria can be found in the Wildlife Conservation Code.

Guiding and outfitting services are limited at this time, with only one Tribal member permitted as a guide/outfitter on the reservation. This individual is available to assist fellow Tribal member hunters, as well as non-Southern Ute participants in the Non-Member Cow Elk Hunt. For contact information, please call the Division of Wildlife Resource Management.

Those guides and outfitters who operate near Southern Ute Tribal lands, as well as permitted and non-permitted individuals who provide hunting assistance to hunters on Tribal lands, should take special precaution to avoid committing a guiding or outfitting related offense under tribal jurisdiction. The Southern Ute Tribe will not tolerate illegal guiding and outfitting activities on its lands, and violators will face stiff civil penalties, including substantial fines and seizure of vehicles and equipment when caught.

The Tribe defines a “guide” or “outfitter” as a person who advertises or holds himself out to the public for hire, or is employed or accepts compensation for providing facilities, equipment or services for hunting activities, including but not limited to transportation of individuals, equipment, supplies, or wildlife by means of vehicle, vessel, or pack animal, facilities including but not limited to tents, cabins, camp gear, food, or similar supplies, equipment, or accommodations, and guiding, leading, packing, protecting, supervising, instructing, or training persons or groups of persons in the take or attempted take or wildlife; provided, however, that “outfitter” or “guide” does not include a person who only cooks, cuts wood, or performs other comparable or incidental duties not directly related to hunting activities.