Southern Ute Indian Tribe

Counseling Service

Great Seal of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe

Education Counselor


Provide school counseling for K-12 Native American students in the Ignacio/Bayfield School Districts as requested by parents, counselors, or other agency referrals. We also provide school counseling/support for Southern Ute students outside of Ignacio/Bayfield as requested by a parent, counselor, or other agencies to assist in assuring services are available and provided.

Services include meeting with students and/or parents, providing social/emotional support, and reviewing transcripts and credits. Attending IEP’s (Individual Education Plan), re-entry meetings and other school meetings as requested by the parent/guardian is another service. Dropout prevention/school relevancy is a part of the counselor’s position. We are also responsible for approving home-school, on-line or non-traditional high school curricula to ensure the diploma is academically sufficient.