Southern Ute Indian Tribe

Royalty Committee

Royalty Committee

Crystal Rizzo
(970) 563-2306


The philosophy of the Southern Ute Royalty Committee is to nurture and promote the positive image of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe through the sponsorship of theĀ Southern Ute Royalty.

Royalty Committee Members

Heather White Thunder: Chairperson, Daisy House Eagle: Vice Chairperson, Dominika Joy: Secretary, Autumn Sage: Treasurer, Marie Joy: Committee Member

Southern Ute Royalty Appearance Request

The Southern Ute Royalty Committee recommends that all inviting Organizations, and/or Departments submit the form at least two (2) weeks in advance of your Event to allow time for review and scheduling. Please submit your request to the Royalty Committee tribal mail box #88, e-mail or deliver to the Culture Department, located on the second (2) floor of the Southern Ute Cultural Center & Museum.