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Lone Mesa State Park

Division of Wildlife Resource Management

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Steve Whiteman
(970) 563-0130

Lone Mesa State Park Access Permit

Lone Mesa State Park, located 23 miles north of the Town of Dolores, is an approximate 12,000-acre park managed by Colorado Parks & Wildlife. The park is encompassed entirely within the Brunot Treaty Area and features incredibly scenic lands ranging in elevation from about 7,200 feet to just over 9,000 feet. Access to the park is highly restricted and only allowed for big game hunting each year.  State hunters are required to apply for park access permits through a limited-draw lottery process.

The Southern Ute Wildlife Division is pleased to announce that interested Tribal Member hunters can now access Lone Mesa State Park for treaty hunting using access permits issued by the Tribe. A limited number of permits will be available each year, free-of-charge, beginning with the 2021 hunting season.

The access permits will be available either first-come first-serve, or through a Tribe-administered drawing if there is enough interest. Each Applicant must choose (1) of the following hunt seasons:

2021 Hunt TypeDates
Archery9/2 - 9/30
Muzzleloader9/11 - 9/19
1st Rifle10/16 - 10/20
2nd Rifle10/30 - 11/7
3rd Rifle11/13 - 11/19
4th Rifle11/24 - 11/28

Important information and rules:

  • Successful applicants must attend the mandatory state park orientation.
  • You must possess a valid hunting license for the GMU, species, and season hunted. (Brunot hunting permit)
  • Motorized vehicles, including OHV’s, must remain on designated roads.
  • OHV’s must be currently registered.
  • One unarmed, non-hunting companion may accompany each Permitted hunter. Unarmed, non-hunting companions must comply with state regulations governing blaze orange worn by hunters.
  • No fires will be permitted in the park.
  • No camping will be allowed in the park. However, park staff can assist you in finding nearby camping on USFS lands.
  • The park will be closed 10pm-5am; hunters must be off the property; adjustments may be made to park hours when Daylight Savings Time ends.
  • All vehicles must display a valid park pass (unless displaying a Disabled Veteran’s license plate).
  • All Permitted hunters must comply with all applicable state statutes and regulations governing hunting, motor vehicle operation, and any other activity in which they engage while hunting Lone Mesa.
  • Failure to comply with the rules of the Permit may result in Permit revocation.


Please contact the Wildlife Division at (970) 563- 0130 for more information.