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Full Time Scholarships

Full time scholarships cover the cost of tuition and provide a living stipend.  The application is accessible online, or can be picked up at the Education Center. The deadline for completed full-time applications is July 1st.

Part-Time Scholarships

Part time scholarships will pay for tuition, books, fees and mileage. The application is accessible online, or can be picked up at the education center. The deadline for completed part time applications is 30 days before classes begin.

Application Policies

Scholarship applications can be accessed here. Please contact the Academic Advisor at 970-563-2783 or the Office Manager at 970-563-2780 to get the password. To apply online use the link below to access the online scholarship application.

Academic Advising

Academic Advising is available to answer questions regarding degree programs, academic progress, financial status, and scholarship policies.  Workshops are offered during the academic school year to assist with the application process. Individual appointments are also available.

Certificate and Internship Programs

There are 20 scholarships that are given on a first come first serve basis. Pick up an application packet at the Education Department or call to have one mailed to you.

Education in Excellence Internships

This internship must be related to the degree or certificate the student is pursuing. The salary rate for this program is based on the student grade level.

Adult Internships

Collaboration between the Education Department and TERO, funds are available for Southern Ute Tribal Members to obtain other training and/or employment.

  • The Colorado Department of Transportation program has 6-month maintenance and clerical positions available.
  • Internships available at Crow Canyon Archeological Center by application.
  • Career-oriented internship with Los Pinos Fire Department available for Tribal members interested in this field.
  • Internships for students interested in the Energy field at Sandia, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratories by application.