Southern Ute Indian Tribe

Tribal Seal and Symbolism

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Great Seal of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe
Tribal flag designed by Ben Watts and Stanley Reed Frost. Interpretation provided by Russell Box Sr.

Mountains and Forest

Represents the mountains north and on the reservation which are our ancestral and present homeland.


Represents the Piedra, Animas, La Plata, Pine, San Juan, Florida, and the Navajo rivers that cross our reservation.


Represents the big game that live on our reservation.


Represents the spirit that watches over our people.

Tractor, Cattle, Gas Well, Sheep

Represents the ranching, farming and industry that our tribal members and the tribe are involved with to make a living.

Indian Head

Represents the tribe as a person, a very “Colorful Man” with the colors of red, yellow, black, blue and white representing all of the colors of nature. It contains the colors of the rainbow.

Peace Pipe

Represents us as a peaceful people. We try to live in peace with our neighbors and all persons we work live and come in contact with during our day to day business.

Two Feathers On Pipe

Represents our belief in a Great Spirit and the Tribal “Healing Power” as people.


Represents our belief in peace. Lies along side of pipe. Represents the green of the earth and the red willow which is used in the Sundance and sweat ceremonies.

Colorado State Flag

Represents the State of Colorado our historical homeland.


The red and white border of the Tribal Seal represents the “Circle of Life”. Everything within this circle represents our life.