Southern Ute Indian Tribe

Tribal Health


Strengthening the circle of wellness by providing progressive, traditionally balanced, compassionate, comprehensive health care to members of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe. 

Our Goal

The goal of the Tribal Health Department is to be viewed by all tribal members as their medical home, their first choice for primary and preventive health care, and their navigator for all healthcare needs.

The Tribal Health Department manages tribal funds, federal funds, health insurance collections, and grants to provide health care services to tribal members and health center beneficiaries. These funds are deposited into one of three accounts, which helps ensure tribal funds are used for enrolled tribal members only. Federal and grant funds are used for enrolled tribal members and all other Native American and Alaska Native beneficiaries who receive health-related services.


Business Office

The Business Office Division bills and collects revenue from various third-party health care sources (i.e. Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance) and records, controls, and accounts for patient-related resources ensuring accuracy and timeliness of receivable and revenue reporting. The business office also provides a medical records program, maintaining a system for the proper collection, processing, maintenance, storage, retrieval, and distribution of patient records.


Clinical providers are appointed following a thorough review of their professional credentials including, but not limited to: licensure, professional training and education, professional experience, clinical skills, and board certification (if applicable).

  • Services
  • Family Practice
  • Pharmacy
  • Optometry
  • Radiology and Lab Work

Dental Services

Dental providers are appointed following a thorough review of their professional credentials including, but not limited to: licensure, professional training and education, professional experience, clinical skills, and board-certification (if applicable).

Dental Services provides restorative, prosthetic (fixed and removable), endodontic, periodontic, oral surgical (routine and surgical extractions), pediatric, and preventive dentistry.

Health Services

Health Services assist in the delivery, treatment, and surveillance of health-related services. Health service staff is responsible for liaising with patients, families, community, and health care providers to ensure patients and families understand their conditions and treatments. The CHRs work in concert with the patient information and prevention division to encourage prevention-related services. Home health care and dialysis transportation is also an important service provided by the health service division.

Health Services Manager

Jane Henson
After Hours On-Call Services can be reached by calling

Nursing Services

The Nursing Services Division provides clinical and public health nursing services to the tribal health division in support of patient care.

Referral Services

The Referral Services Division utilizes the Tribal Resource Pool and Federal Contract Health Services (CHS) funds to pay for referrals. Referrals are made when medically necessary services are not available from one of the tribal health divisions or programs, including the health center. CHS funds are used to pay Priority I referrals initiated by the Southern Ute Health Center. CHS funds are utilized for all health center beneficiaries who are CHS eligible. Tribal Resource Pool funds are only used to pay for enrolled Tribal member medically necessary referrals not covered by CHS. Referral services also reimburse tribal members for health insurance co-pay amounts or deductibles of $15 or more.


Behavioral Health Services

The behavioral health program provides services to children and adult patients that include evaluation, diagnosis, and the management of mental, behavioral, chemical dependency, or emotional conditions. Psychological assessments, tests, and individual psychotherapy are also provided.

Patient Information and Prevention Services

The Patient Information and Prevention Services Division and Shining Mountain Health and Wellness Program provide and coordinate prevention related to chronic disease. The program manages the special diabetes program for Indians grant.

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Hours of Operation

Southern Ute Health Center
Monday - Friday8 AM - 5 PM, closed 12 PM - 1 PM for lunch
Dental Clinic
Monday - FridayThe current dental clinic hours for COVID 19 is M-F 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM, including lunchtime. No walk-ins allowed. Please call clinic (970)-563-4719 to schedule appointment. Appointments are limited to dental emergencies only at this time.
Optometry Clinic
Monday - Friday8 AM - 5 PM