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Southern Ute Indian Tribe


Jeremy Wade Shockley | Southern Ute Drum


The Department of Education’s goal is to encourage, provide resources, and assist Tribal Members seeking an education at all levels. The department works to provide opportunities for the membership, other American Indians, and employees to enhance their education and employment. The director and staff will communicate and collaborate with students to help them progress, remain consistent with program policies, as well as remain compliant with public and private educational institutes. 

Sunshine Cloud Smith Youth Advisory Council

The Sunshine Cloud Smith Youth Advisory Council is a group of young Southern Ute Tribal members that engage in community service and leadership activities and are an influential voice for our community.

Southern Ute Indian Montessori Academy (SUIMA)

The Southern Ute Indian Montessori Academy operates under the Education Department and is the private education section serving children from birth to 12 yrs of age. Visit the Southern Ute Academy website for more information and current news and events.