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Scott Moore

Southern Ute Tribal Court



The mission of the Tribal Court is to exercise the sovereignty and jurisdiction of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe by providing a forum for the enforcement of Tribal law and the administration of justice in disputes affecting the interests of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe or its members. The Southern Ute Tribal Court will fulfill its mission by providing a comprehensive system of quality programs, within the financial means of the permanent fund, to ensure the continued existence and integrity of the Tribe by providing supportive services to Tribal member families in conflict through dispute resolution in accordance with Tribal law, which recognizes and accepts the cultural diversity in the community. 

Family Court Support Office

The Family Court Support Office offers various successful treatment programs and services for Court clients or others:


Probation assists clients in securing employment/referrals to TERO, referrals to substance abuse treatment, domestic violence counseling, education, vocational rehabilitation, cultural services, and community service, and assists them in compliance with all other court orders. Supervision includes adult and juvenile clients.

Wellness Court

The Southern Ute tüüÇai Court is a special court that gets involved when someone is repeatedly being arrested and charged with criminal offenses, is not following court conditions, and/or continues to abuse alcohol or drugs.

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Justice Center Building – photo Southern Ute Drum

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