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Southern Ute Royalty Pageant on August 18, 2021

Current 2019-2020 Southern Ute Royalty

Miss Southern Ute 2019
Miss Southern Ute 2020 – Jazmin Carmenoros

Miss Southern Ute Quarterly Report

Maiku -Hello,

Nunai Niaa, (my name) is Jazmin Carmenoros. My Ute name is Muutataachi, which mean Hummingbird, given to me by my Great Grandparents Alden Naranjo and the late Dorothy Naranjo.

I was re-crowned during the Southern Ute Tribal Fair Powwow, Sept. 14, 2019. I have chosen once again to represent the Southern Ute tribal membership and elders during this year. I have truly enjoyed representing at the various tribal functions and will continue to do so during my reign.

I have attended the following functions:

September 2019:

9/14 and 15/19 – Southern Ute Tribal Fair, during this time I was crowned as Miss Southern Ute 2019-2020. I participated in the powwow dances. Served Southern Ute Royalty Dinner to visitors and participants at the powwow.

9/30/19 – Attended the Southern Ute Royalty Meeting.

October 2019

10/2/19 – Participated in dancing for the Red Willow retreat held at the Sky Ute Casino Resort.

10/7 /019 – Attended the Southern Ute Royalty Meeting at the Multi-Purpose Facility.

10/9/19 – Meet and Greet with Southern Ute Tribal Council Members at 3pm, with Introductions of newly elected Southern Ute Tribal Royalties for 2019-2020 in the Tribal Council Chambers.

10/10 -13/2019 -Traveled to Colorado Springs, Colo. to the Blessing of a Mountain named Tava Quad, with the Culture Department Education Coordinator and other Staff.

10/14/19 -Assisted with the Elder’s Celebration Monthly Dinner for October. Handed out Raffle Tickets and Prizes to the Winners.

November 2019

11/16/19 – Participated in the Southern Ute Royalty Walk at 8:30am, along with other Southern Ute Royalties, Southern Ute Royalty Committee, and Southern Ute Elders and other tribal member participants.

At 11am, assisted with the Southern Ute Tribal Thanksgiving Dinner, meet and greet Southern Ute Tribal membership, Ute Mountain Ute tribal membership, and Ute Tribe membership who attended the Thanksgiving Meal.

11/26/19 – Performed and danced with other Southern Ute Royalties for the Native American Heritage Month for the Ignacio Elementary, Jr. High and High School.

December 2019

12/14/19 – Participated and assist in the Christmas Dinner and Program. I and the other Royalties performed the Lord’s Prayer in Sign Language; Handed out Christmas Agenda, assist tribal elders with their dinner, and passed out Christmas Candy Bags to everyone.

I am looking forward to 2020 with more powwow celebrations around Indian Country, meeting new people, and assisting with other Southern Ute Tribal functions. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to serve you the Southern Ute elders and tribal membership once again. I look for forward to learning more and helping our young kids, teen/tweens and middle-aged tribal members.


Jazmin Carmenoros
Miss Southern Ute 2018-2019

Jr. Miss Southern Ute 2019
Jr. Miss Southern Ute 2020 – Autumn Rain Sage

Jr. Miss Southern Ute Quarterly Report


My name is Autumn Rain Sage, my given Ute name is Pachukwi (River Otter). I’m 15 years old and I attend Ignacio High School. My paternal grandparents are Roger Sage (Christine Sage) and the late Vera Mae Cuthair. My maternal grandparents are Irene Burch and the late Leonard C. Burch. My parents are Roger Sage, Jr. and Lynnette Sage and I have a brother.

I’m the 2019-2020 Jr. Miss Southern Ute. This will be my third year representing the Southern Ute Indian Tribe as an ambassador. It’s been an honor and privilege to represent the Southern Ute membership and I’m very happy to be part of the Royalty court. I would like to give the membership an update on all my participation in events and travels that I have attended. I thank the Royalty Committee and the Southern Ute Indian Tribe for giving me this opportunity.

September 2019

  • I was crowned Jr. Miss Southern Ute at the 99th Southern Ute Tribal fair and powwow.
  • I participated in the fair parade and all the Grand Entries and Inter-Tribals.
  • I attended the Four Corners Indian Country Conference at the Sky Ute Casino Events Center.

October 2019

  • The newly crowned Southern Ute Royalty was invited by the Tribal Council to do an introduction at the Southern Ute Tribal Council Chambers in the LCB Tribal Building.
  • I participated in the Southern Ute Royalty’s Thanksgiving walk beginning at the Southern Ute Veterans Park.
  • I attended the annual Southern Ute Tribal Thanksgiving dinner held at the Sky Ute Casino Events Center.
  • I participated in the Native American Heritage powwow held at the Durango High School. This powwow honored all veterans and graduating seniors.
  • I welcomed all participants and visitors to the American Youth Bull Riding series held at Sky Ute Fairgrounds.
  • I attended the Native American History Month recognition reception at the Governor’s Mansion in Denver. The reception was hosted by Colorado Governor Polis and Lieutenant Governor Primavera

December 2019

  • I participated in the annual light parade for Ignacio’s Taste of Christmas.
  • I attended the annual Southern Ute Tribal Christmas dinner and Tribal Christmas program. Southern Ute Royalty performed the Lord’s Prayer in Sign Language at the Christmas program.

I have had some great experiences this far into my reign. I have met some great people and important dignitaries. I promise to do my best as Jr. Miss Southern Ute and vow to uphold my crown and title. I look forward to 2020 and all the cultural and traditional events to come.


Autumn Sage Jr.
Miss Southern Ute 2019-2020

Little Miss Southern Ute Shayne Whitethunder
Little Miss Southern Ute 2020 – Shayne Whitethunder

Little Miss Southern Ute

Mique Nuchu,

My name is Shayne Morning Star White Thunder. My Ute name is Winter Rose, my grandmother Mikki gave me that name because I was born in winter and the rose signifies our people. I am the current 2019-2020 Little Miss Southern Ute. I am six years old and I attend school at the Southern Ute Indian Montessori Academy. My mother is Heather White Thunder and my father is Seth Roubideaux. My paternal grandmother is Mikki Naranjo and my great-grandparents are the late Eugene Naranjo and Dixie Naranjo. My maternal grandparents are Bobbie White Thunder from El Reno, Okla. and the late Ross Denny. I come from the Moache-Capote bands and I’m a descendent of Buckskin Charlie.

I am honored to be an ambassador for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, I am learning every day.

The following are events that I have attended so far during my tenure:

September 2019

  • I was honored to be crowned Little Miss Southern Ute and attended the Southern Ute Tribal Fair. I also rode in the Tribal Fair parade.
  • I attended the Southern Ute Education Department Back to School BBQ.

October 2019

  • Along with other Royalty, I introduced myself and met with Southern Ute Tribal Council members.
  • I traveled and participated the He Sapa Wacipi-Black Hills Powwow.

November 2019

  • I attended and participated in the Masquerade Powwow held at the Multi-Purpose building.
  • I traveled and attended a benefit dance for the Sand Creek runners in Hammon, Okla.
  • I attended the N7 Event and basketball games hosted by FLC.
  • I participated and helped sponsor the Royalty Walk for the community. Greeted and introduced myself at the Southern Ute Annual Thanksgiving Dinner to tribal members and guests.
  • I attended and participated at the Durango High School Powwow.
  • I danced and introduced myself to the students of Ignacio School District for Native American Heritage Month.
  • I traveled to Ft. Duchesne and participated in the Northern Ute Thanksgiving Powwow.

December 2019

  • Traveled and participated in the Choctaw Powwow in Durant, Okla.
  • Lastly, I attended our Southern Ute Christmas dinner and shook hands with members of all three Ute Tribes and guests. For the Christmas Program I did the Lord’s Prayer in sign language with Miss Southern Ute and Junior Miss Southern Ute. I also sang Ute songs with my classmates.

I have enjoyed attending different events and traveling to represent the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and meeting new people. I look forward to attending upcoming events and learning new things along the way.


Shayne Morning Star White Thunder
Little Miss Southern Ute 2019-2020

Southern Ute Brave Andre Bluestar Baker
Southern Ute Brave 2020 – Andre Bluestar Baker

Southern Ute Little Brave


Nunay Nia Andre Bluestar-Baker,

Nunay Nuu Nia, KaaPaa (Kaavi – Mountain Paa – Water) I am the 2019-2020 Southern Ute Brave. I am six years old and currently in Kindergarten. My mother’s name is Daisy Bluestar and my father’s name is Andre Baker. My Maternal grandparents are Audrey Frost-Nissen of the Southern Ute Tribe and Pete Vigil of Ignacio. My paternal grandparents are Trina Osife of The Salt River Pima-Maricopa tribe and my grandfather is Robert Baker of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe.

I am also a member of the Eagle Wing Youth Drum Group on the Southern Ute Reservation. My hobbies include basketball, dancing, singing, and playing with my siblings.

Since I became the Southern Ute Brave in September of 2019 these are the events I have attended to represent our tribe:

  • 9/14 – Southern Ute Fair Parade.
  • 9/23 – 27th annual Four Corners Indian Country Conference. (U.S. Department of Justice).
  • 10/19 – Daughters of the Red Road Powwow Fundraiser.
  • 11/16 – Southern Ute Royalty Walk.
  • 11/16 – Southern Ute Thanksgiving Dinner.
  • 11/21 – Youth Bull Riding at the Sky Ute Downs.
  • 11/26 – Dance Performance at the High School for Native American History Month.
  • 11/28 – Thanksgiving Powwow in Ft. Duchesne, Utah.
  • 12/6 – Taste of Christmas Light Parade and Events.

I have also attended Elders luncheons with the elders.

It’s been an honor to be a representative for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe.


KaaPaa/ Andre Bluestar-Baker
2019-2020 Southern Ute Brave

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