Southern Ute Tribal Seal

Justice and Regulatory Department

The Department of Justice and Regulatory is composed of eight divisions, the Ethics Office and tax and liquor. The Department, is responsible for all enforcement (police, wildlife, animal control and gaming), as well as regulatory issues (environmental, air quality, water quality, gaming regulation, and tribal employment rights). The Department also has administrative authority over the Tribal Prosecutor’s Office and the Tribal Public Defender’s Office. In addition, the Department of Justice handles the administrative process for driver’s license revocations, pursuant to an Intergovernmental Agreement between the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and the State of Colorado. Each Division within the Justice and Regulatory Department is working to protect the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, its Tribal membership or the assets of the Tribe. We continue to look for opportunities to employ Tribal members and to serve them better. What each Division is doing for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, results in protecting its sovereignty, customs and promotes and enforces self-determination.

Justice and Regulatory Eagle

Justice and Regulatory Eagle – photo Dana Kopf | Southern Ute MIS Dept.