Request for Comments on New Charitable Raffle Rule

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The Southern Ute Indian Tribe (SUIT) Gaming Commission is seeking Tribal member comments on a proposed Charitable Raffle Rule.  A copy of the new rule can be found on the Southern Ute Indian Tribe website: 3 Charitable Raffles.  Please use the contact numbers at the end of this notice to obtain a hard copy of the proposed rule or to submit comments through June 9, 2023.

Some Tribally affiliated organizations may wish to hold raffles on Southern Ute tribal land for charitable purposes.  The National Indian Gaming Commission considers charitable raffles to be “Lotteries” subject to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and the Tribal Gaming Code.

The SUIT Gaming Commission proposes to adopt “Rule 3 – Charitable Raffles” to govern charitable raffles hosted by charitable organizations.  The rule covers the following:

Raffles:           include games where a person purchases a ticket to win a prize based on a drawing or other element of chance.  This does not include drawings for prizes at traditional or ceremonial events like powwows.

Charitable organization: a club, association, or other group that would like to host a raffle for charitable purposes that benefit the public interest.

Location:        raffles must take place at Southern Ute Tribally licensed gaming facilities.

Organizers:    raffle managers must obtain a Key License from the Gaming Commission.

Age limit:       no one under the age of 21 may buy or sell a raffle ticket.

Applications: organizations must fill out an application; the Division of Gaming will review the application and decide whether it complies with Rule 3.

Ticket sales:   can occur on the Southern Ute Reservation or online.

Licensees:       must comply with all requirements of Rule 3 including ticket sales, ticket information, how to conduct the raffle, prizes, accounting and recordkeeping, reporting to the Gaming Division, and lawful use of proceeds.   ||  Phone: (970) 563-2840 /0180
Mail:  Darlene Frost, Gaming Commission, Southern Ute Indian Tribe, P.O. Box 737, MS#28, Ignacio, Colorado, 81137.
Hand delivery: Division of Gaming/Gaming Commission, 149 CR 517, Ignacio, Colorado, 81137.
Website: 3 Charitable Raffles