Southern Ute Tribal Seal

Southern Ute Tribal Council

Mission Statement

The Southern Ute Indian Tribal Council exercises its inherent sovereignty and the authority granted by the Southern Ute people through the Constitution to enhance and sustain the Tribe’s resources, traditions, language and culture, and improve quality of life for enrolled Tribal members (the Mouache and Capote people) of today and tomorrow.

Your 2016 Southern Ute Tribal Council

Tribal Council Alex

Alex S. Cloud

Tribal Council Amy

Amy Barry

Tribal Council Lorelei

Lorelei Cloud

Kevin Frost

Kevin Frost

Adam Red

Adam Red

Vision Statement

We will lead the Southern Ute Indian Tribe by responsibly exercising our sovereignty, continuously refining and evolving the tribal organization, serving the best interest of our enrolled tribal members, and strengthening our cultural traditions and language. We aim to maximize prosperity, create opportunities, and enhance the self-sustainability of our enrolled tribal members and the Tribe as a whole.

Guiding Principles

  • We will promote sovereignty by maximizing self-governance while minimizing Federal oversight.
  • We will utilize Tribal resources, both fiscal and non-fiscal, in a sound manner that demonstrates accountability, responsibility, and efficiency.
  • We will reflect the cultural and traditional values of Southern Ute Indian Tribe, while strengthening the knowledge and practices of our people (Mouache-Capote).
  • We will promote quality services, programs, benefits, and opportunities, (including employment) which serves the best interest of the membership, while maximizing fairness, self-sufficiency and sustainability.