Southern Ute Indian Tribe

Grounds Maintenance Division

Great Seal of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe

Grounds Maintenance Division Head

David Latham
(970) 563-2510


Achieve excellence in our care of Tribal grounds, while providing a pleasant Ute cultural experience for all who visit the Tribal campus. 

We are the caretakers of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe government campus. We also care for the sports fields, Academy, Ute Park, and Ouray Memorial Cemetery. We assist with Bear Dance grounds preparation and cleanup, Sun Dance preparation and cleanup, pow-wows, fairs, and special events.

What We Do

We perform landscaping of the Tribal grounds. We mow, edge, trim, fertilize, and irrigate all properties under our care. We remove snow from sidewalks, walkways, and parking lots during the Winter months. This helps to provide a neat, clean, and safe outside environment through all the seasons for employees as they go to and from work and perhaps enjoy a relaxing lunch hour in the sun.

Lawn care
Dana Kopf | Southern Ute Shared Services

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