Southern Ute Indian Tribe

January Cow Elk Hunt

Division of Wildlife Resource Management

Wildlife Division Head

Steve Whiteman
(970) 563-0130

Started in 2001, the January Cow Elk Hunt is a limited-draw hunt held over a two week period every January, following Southern Ute Tribal member seasons. The hunt is split between two hunt units on the eastern side of the Southern Ute Reservation – Archuleta and Sandoval Units. A total of 120 permits—60 per unit—are available each year. The hunt provides an affordable opportunity to harvest a cow elk in a reasonably short time frame and within a beautiful setting on Southern Ute Tribal lands.

Elk on the Southern Ute Reservation

Hunt Information

Applications were accepted from Tuesday, September 3rd through Friday, October 11th, 2019 at 5:00 PM.

Applicants must pay a non-refundable $50 application fee. If drawn for the hunt, an additional $300 permit fee must be paid to the Tribe prior to the hunt. Southern Ute first descendants permit fee will be $125.

A mandatory orientation meeting for all hunters will be held in Ignacio, Colorado and hunters must attend to pick up their permits. All harvested animals must be validated by Tribal officials before leaving the Reservation and hunter surveys must be returned to the Tribe – even if the hunter does not harvest an animal. Hunters who fail to meet these requirements will not be welcomed in future hunts.

To be eligible for this hunt, you must not have any felony convictions or a record of hunting, fishing, or wildlife-related offenses. In addition, you MUST be one of the following:

  1. An enrolled member of a federally recognized Indian tribe and able to provide an official tribal census number, AND/OR
  2. A natural-born first descendant of an enrolled Southern Ute Tribal Member and able to provide proof of status via certification by the Southern Ute Tribal Information Services office.

How to Apply

The application period for the 2020 January Cow Elk Hunt has ended.

Forms and Documents

Note: These maps are subject to change. Up-to-date maps will be included with the hunter’s permit.

Drawing Winners – Released 11/5/2019

Please purchase your permits from the Southern Ute Store.

Archuleta Hunt Unit

  1. Allen Anderson
  2. Allen Anderson Jr.
  3. Hank Antonio
  4. Kenneth Blevins
  5. Robert Blevins
  6. Jimmy Brown
  7. Daron Carreiro
  8. Jermane Charley
  9. Anson Charley
  10. Randy Charlie
  11. Orville Cornelius
  12. Kenneth Cornelius
  13. Kathleen Cornelius
  14. Vickie Cornelius
  15. Nera Crawford
  16. Bruce Danforth
  17. Adam Drew
  18. Joel Frank
  19. Gerald Goldtooth
  20. Clifford Gray
  21. Ralph Harrison
  22. Jacky Hufford
  23. Bruce II Danforth
  24. Alford Jojola
  25. Charles Mahkewa
  26. Shannon Martin
  27. Paula Martinez
  28. James Mooney
  29. Jay Parker
  30. Russell Parker
  31. Wesley Pate
  32. Uriah Simpson
  33. Josephine Skenandore
  34. Artley Skenandore
  35. Aaron Summers
  36. Peter Topahe
  37. Arnold Tsinnijinnie
  38. Todd Vanden Huvel
  39. Eudane Vicenti
  40. Mark Wilder
Sandoval Hunt Unit

  1. Norman Benson
  2. Tommy Canyon
  3. Tyler Corbiere
  4. George Cornell
  5. Thomas Dawes Jr.
  6. Xavier Franklin
  7. Benjamin Hansen
  8. Ethan Hansen
  9. Clint Hill
  10. Jeremy Jiron
  11. Alyxa Jiron
  12. Kristy Krenke
  13. Terri Lameman-Austin
  14. Chester Lapahie
  15. John Leivas
  16. Darold Lewis
  17. Ashley Lovato
  18. Leo Lovato
  19. Bradley Martin
  20. Joseph Martin
  21. Elijah McLester
  22. James Mclester
  23. Richard L. Mecom
  24. Gordon Moose
  25. Samuel Moose
  26. Timothy Paxton
  27. Berdina Renfro
  28. Gilbert Rosas
  29. Charlie Ruybal
  30. Klayson Smith
  31. Devin Trujillo
  32. Gabriel Tucson
  33. Carlos Tucson
  34. Aurther Tuscon
  35. Johnny Valdez
  36. Christopher Valdez
  37. Lance Vanden Heuvel
  38. Jim White
  39. Autumn Wilder
  40. Cecil Woolery

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