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Southern Ute Indian Tribe

Environmental Programs Division

Jeremy Wade Shockley | Southern Ute Drum


The mission of the Environmental Programs Division is to make available the resources needed to protect the health, welfare, and environment of the Tribal membership and the Reservation.


Air Quality Program

The Air Quality Program is dedicated to ensuring that the air on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation remains clean and safe for Tribal Members and residents, now and into the future. This is being done through monitoring of air quality, permitting and compliance monitoring of large pollution sources, emissions inventories, and continued research of air pollution and its sources.

Brownfields Programs

The Brownfields Programs coordinates brownfield inventories, planning, assessments, and community outreach activities among Tribal Council, various SUIT departments, and federal agencies and is part of a team of several Tribal programs that responds to hazardous materials incidents.

Environmental Leadership and Knowledge Seminar – ELKS

The Environmental Leadership and Knowledge Seminar (ELKS) provides local tribal youth the opportunity to engage in hands-on science experiments and activities to learn more about our environment. ELKS aims to inspire the next generation of environmental leaders and scientists in our community.

General Assistance Program

The General Assistance Program (GAP) provides the opportunity to the Tribe to build capacity and management capability to implement environmental programs administered by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Water Quality Program

The Water Quality Program strives to improve the quality of surface waters on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation through monitoring and with projects that employ best management practices. Public Education and Community Outreach is an important component in improving the water quality on the reservation since long-term improvements cannot be achieved without public involvement.