Southern Ute Indian Tribe

Purchasing Vendors

For those who want to do business with the Tribe

Purchasing maintains a Vendor Information database that enables Southern Ute Indian Tribe employees to identify and source products and services to facilitate the selection of vendors for bidding and purchasing. The Vendor Information is comprised of all active vendors who have previously bid on items and services or have requested to be in the database. Vendors can be included in the Vendor Information database upon request. Send an email to with your company name, complete contact information, and a brief description of your products and services.

Native American Preference

Indian preference is given to qualified Indian Owned economic enterprises and Indian Organizations. Firms desiring Native American preference for selection must be certified through the Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s TERO Office as an Indian-Owned Business. For those firms seeking Native American preference, this is a mandatory requirement, regardless of any other registration or certification that may exist with other tribal TERO offices, agencies, or affiliations. Call 970-563-0117 for additional information or to apply for certification.

Unsolicited Samples

Unsolicited samples and products not ordered through or authorized by Purchasing will be considered free samples and not be returned.

Sales & Excise Taxes

The Tribe is exempt from all sales and excise taxes. Email Purchasing for additional information.


Invoices should be e-mailed to:

Contact Information

AP/AR Manager: 970-563-4765, or e-mail:
Purchasing Manager: 970-563-4768, or e-mail: