Southern Ute Indian Montessori Academy School Reopening

August 14, 2020

To: SUIMA parents, guardians, and families

From: SUIT Education Department

Cc: Executive Office and SUIMA School Board

Dear SUIMA families,

First, and most importantly, I hope you remain in good health and spirits. Thank you for your understanding and patience while the Southern Ute Indian Tribal Council (who also serve as the SUIMA School Board) and SUIMA Administration took the utmost caution to make the most informed decision on the upcoming school year. As a reminder the “Stay at Home” Order remains in effect until further notice as does the public health order requiring the use of face coverage.

While the Tribe considers education a necessity, the highest priority is the health of the SUIMA students and staff. In collaboration with the Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s Incident Management Team (IMT) and Tribal Council, we have decided to begin school on August 24, 2020, as scheduled. However, due to the health concerns related to the coronavirus, SUIMA will offer multiple options for students this year.  Students will receive instruction through a Hybrid Learning model, which may include On-Campus Learning, Remote-Learning or a combination of both.  More details on the elected instruction options and the correlation to the tribal “Stay at Home” Order will be made available early next week or during the SUIMA Orientation.

Parents/Guardians will receive communication from their classroom teacher beginning on Monday, August 17, 2020 to confirm an available time for an in-person orientation explaining how SUIMA will deliver academic lessons to students. During the week of August 24-28, 2020, SUIMA will host classroom orientation for families to have the opportunity to meet teachers, observe the precautions set in place, and check out a Chromebook if needed. Families will be scheduled in a staggered manner to maintain COVID safety precautions.

Throughout the Hybrid-Learning time, students will be assessed on their academic performance every 30 days. If students require additional support, SUIMA will contact the Parent/Guardian to develop a plan for academic success which may include a deviation of the hybrid learning model. This may also include scheduled times in which Remote-Learners will come in to take their STAR test. If families find the elected instruction option does not work the family or the student, please contact SUIMA Administration at 970.563.2711. Also, every 30 days, families will be contacted regarding mental and physical health of students.

Meals will be made available to all students – Remote-Learners as well as On-Campus Learners.

SUIMA will use either Google Classroom or Montessori Records Express to deliver Remote Learning lessons. Academic online programs such as Freckle and Lexia will still be accessed for K-6 graders. A demonstration of these programs will be provided during the scheduled orientation throughout the week of August 24-28, 2020. Teachers will cover log-in instructions, navigation through the program, and answer any questions that may arise. Parents/Guardians may also contact the classroom teacher or SUIMA Administration for questions on the online programs throughout the hybrid learning model.

Attendance will be taken daily with both Remote-Learning and On-Campus Learning. SUIMA is currently working to develop a schedule for households with multiple students who have limited number of devices available at the same time.  As a friendly reminder, SUIMA students who are also enrolled Southern Ute tribal members can access the Computer Purchase Cost Share program. For more information on the program, please contact Mrs. Ellen Baker at 970.563.0235 or via email

The school advises that you stay informed with accurate information by going to the CDC website at or CDPHE website at Please also follow the Southern Ute Indian Tribe on social media and regularly view the Tribe’s websites to observe the most updated tribal information.

Please remember that handwashing for 20 seconds is our number one defense.  Eat right, eat healthy, drink plenty of water, exercise and get plenty of rest. Continue to stay home, practice social distancing, and stay connected with your loved ones, friends, and SUIMA educators.

Additional details will be sent out as SUIMA makes necessary adjustments to the Hybrid-Learning model and to maintain safety and success of SUIMA students and families.

Please take care and best wishes for this upcoming school year!  For questions, please contact Mrs. Mari Jo Owens, SUIMA Principal at 970.563.2711 or via email at


Warmest Regards,

Mari Jo Owens,

SUIMA Principal


SUIMA School reopen COVID 19 PSA 8-14-2020