Southern Ute Air Quality Alert – Smoke Particulate Matter – Very Unheathly

The Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s Environmental Programs Division operates three air quality stations on the Reservation and maintains a website that provides real-time air pollutant and EPA Air Quality Index (AQI) health alerts from data collected at these stations. Smoke from wildfires can cause unhealthy levels of fine particulate matter (PM) in the air.

Particulate matter is continuously measured at the Ute 3 monitoring station near Bondad Hill and the Ute 1 monitoring station in Ignacio.

As of 7:00am, September 27th 2023, stations are currently reading high PM concentrations with a corresponding AQI of Very Unhealthy.  People with respiratory or heart disease, the elderly and children should remain indoors and limit prolonged or heavy exertion.  The general public should avoid prolonged or heavy outdoor exertion.    

To view the ambient monitoring program website, and for more information about how to understand the AQI forecast, follow the links below:

Southern Ute Indian Tribe Ambient Monitoring Program Website


EPA Air Quality Index Information Website


Wildfire Smoke Resources to Protect Your Health | US EPA


EPA Air Now Article – How Smoke From Fires Can Affect Your Health



EPD, Air Quality – 970.563.2244


Jacob Henry

Air Quality Technician

Environmental Programs Division

Southern Ute Indian Tribe



For Immediate Release: Biden Administration Initiative Allocates Vital Resources to Address Legacy Pollution


Melvin J. Baker, Chairman – 970.563.2320

Summer Begay, Communication Specialist– 970.563.2313


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 22, 2023

Biden Administration Initiative Allocates Vital Resources to Address Legacy Pollution

Southern Ute Indian Reservation – The Department of the Interior has announced an initial allocation of nearly $40 million as part of President Biden’s “Investing in America” initiative. This substantial funding represents the first phase of a comprehensive effort to support Tribal communities in addressing abandoned oil and gas wells across Indian Country. The primary goals of this investment include advocating for Tribal land rights, promoting economic opportunities, addressing legacy pollution, and mitigating environmental hazards.

The Southern Ute Department of Energy (DOE), in collaboration with the Tribe’s Contracts and Grants Department, applied for a grant under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Section 40601 Orphaned Well Program from the Department of Interior. Their grant application was specifically tailored to secure funds for conducting technical and field investigations into legacy plugged and abandoned wells, ensuring their integrity and long-term environmental protection. Andy Wetherell, Energy Manager at the Southern Ute Department of Energy, said, “the team is appreciative of Tribal Council’s support and the collaboration with the Tribe’s Contracts and Grants Department to proactively manage the Tribe’s resources and ensure legacy issues related to energy development are managed appropriately.”

Chairman Melvin J. Baker expressed, “The Southern Ute Indian Tribe is honored to have been awarded this funding, which will serve as a valuable resource in furthering our commitment to a clean and sustainable future.” In recognition of their dedication and proactive efforts, the Southern Ute Indian Tribe has been granted $497,850. This financial support will enable the Tribe to play a pivotal role in the broader mission of addressing legacy pollution and enhancing the well-being of Tribal communities.



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Southern Ute Agriculture Produce Order

The Southern Ute Agriculture Division will be taking Produce Orders from the tribal membership. Please review your order forms before submitting. The agriculture office does not ACCEPT Credit Card payments.  Please submit payment in the form of EXACT cash payments or money orders or personal checks. The deadline for FINAL orders is September 26, 2023.
If you have any questions, please call 970.563.0220.
Thank you.
Agriculture Division

2023 Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s Health Fair

This year’s Southern Ute Health Fair is quickly approaching, and Southern Ute Health Services Division would love to see you participate in this event. Please find the event flyer as well as the vendor form attached below. Vendor admission is FREE, but we ask that you provide a raffle prize for contribution toward this event. Paperwork is due back to me no later than Friday, October 20th, 2023. Thank you for your interest in participation and we look forward to seeing many friendly faces there!




Alyssa Seibel

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Community & Home Health Services

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First Descendant Cow Elk Hunt

The hunt is a limited-draw hunt held from December 1-31, 2023, on the Southern Ute Reservation.  There will be only ten permits allotted for this hunt.  Please see the attached flyer for additional information.

For More information and to find a link to the SUIT Store please visit the Website at:

First Descendant Antlerless Elk – Southern Ute Indian Tribe (

Please call (970) 563-0130 for more information.

2023 Southern Ute Fall Clean-Up

SOUTHERN UTE FALL CLEAN UP HAS ARRIVED!  OCTOBER 16 through 20 ONLY! By Appointment Only.  No pickups over the weekend or the week after.

Fall Clean-Up is for Southern Ute Tribal Members, Tribal Departments, and tenants of the Southern Ute Indian Housing Authority. We will not pick up for non-tribal tenants living in Tribal Member owned rental homes. All pick-ups must be within the boundaries of the Southern Ute Indian Reservation only.

If you have questions related to your pick-up, please contact the responsible tribal department, tribal entity, or Mr. Tyson Thompson, Director of Property and Facilities at (970) 563-2945.

Southern Ute Property and Facilities

Tyson Thompson, Director


2023 fall clean up flyer