Election Board Finds a New Location



The Southern Ute Election Board is moving their office to 285 Lakin Street, Ignacio, CO, which was formerly known as the SUCAP Building. Their phone number will remain the same: 970-563-2303. The transition will be complete and their office operational today. If you have any questions, please contact the Tribal Council Affairs Office at 970-563-0100.



Colorado State Child Welfare Financial Assistance Program Notice



Please be advised The CO State Child Welfare Financial Assistance Program under the Southern Ute Social Service Department was scheduled to start July 1, 2019.  At this time the funding for the program will not be available as scheduled.  An announcement will be sent out when the funding is available.   Please call Social Service Division Head at 970-563-4731 or Tribal Services Director at 970-563-4729 in the event you have any questions.



Southern Ute Tribal Credit Committee Member Vacancy

The Southern Ute Credit Committee is looking for eligible Tribal Member applicants to serve on the Committee. The appointment is for three (3) years. This is a compensated Committee, and, you will be considered an employee of the Tribe, per IRS guidelines. Credit Committee will submit approved applicant recommendation to Tribal Council for final appointment.

Individuals seeking to serve on the Committee must demonstrate a reputation of personal integrity, dependability, honesty, a strong work ethic, and the ability to perform in a non-biased, confidential and fair manner. They must be familiar with the objectives of the Declaration and must maintain good financial standing with the Tribe. These individuals must also pass criminal background and reference checks, per the Credit Committee By-laws.

The duties of the Tribal Credit Committee are:

  • Approve loans as required by the Credit Committee Declaration
  • Monitor compliance with the Declaration
  • Monitor all approved loans for performance
  • Make recommendations to Tribal Council on program revisions and updates regarding Committee operations
  • Maintain confidentiality, objectivity and fairness in conducting all Committee business
  • Hold regular meetings and other special meetings, as needed
  • Coordinate the Committee’s annual budget with Tribal Credit Staff

Interested Tribal Members are asked to submit a letter of interest to the Tribal Credit Committee, PO Box 737 #60, Ignacio CO 81137. If you have any questions, please speak with Daniel Larsen, Tribal Credit Division Head, at 970-563-2458.

Notice of Revised Protective Covenants and Restrictions of the Cedar Point Subdivision and Availability Notice

On August 28, 2018, the Tribal Council adopted Resolution No. 2018-159, approving revisions to the existing Protective Covenants for the Cedar Point subdivision area.  In addition, the resolution authorized a notice to the membership of 23 lots available for use by eligible Tribal members in need of housing.

In the early 2000’s, the Protective Covenants were first approved. The revisions include, among other things, combining the Cedar Point West and Cedar Point East covenants into one document, removing the homeowners association, prohibiting Off Highway Vehicle use, requiring construction to conform with standards in the recent International Residential Code or as authorized by the Tribe, and prohibiting any drug illegal drug-related activity. You may obtain hard copies of the Protective Covenants from the Tribe’s Department of Natural Resources or Housing Department.

If you have questions, contact the Director of Tribal Housing, Garry Fulks at 970-563-2723 or email gfulks@suthernute-nsn.gov or the Department of Natural Resources, Lands Division Head, Germaine Ewing, at 970-563-2228 or email gewing@southernute-nsn.gov.