Election Board Finds a New Location



The Southern Ute Election Board is moving their office to 285 Lakin Street, Ignacio, CO, which was formerly known as the SUCAP Building. Their phone number will remain the same: 970-563-2303. The transition will be complete and their office operational today. If you have any questions, please contact the Tribal Council Affairs Office at 970-563-0100.



Colorado State Child Welfare Financial Assistance Program Notice



Please be advised The CO State Child Welfare Financial Assistance Program under the Southern Ute Social Service Department was scheduled to start July 1, 2019.  At this time the funding for the program will not be available as scheduled.  An announcement will be sent out when the funding is available.   Please call Social Service Division Head at 970-563-4731 or Tribal Services Director at 970-563-4729 in the event you have any questions.