Movie Night

CORRECTION: This event is on WEDNESDAY, February 20th

Come join Shining Mountain Health and Wellness for our first Cervical Cancer Awareness Event!

We will host a cervical cancer awareness movie at the SunUte next Wednesday, February 20th starting at 5:30p.

Those who come will receive a FREE day pass to the Sun Ute. Childcare will be provided for FREE by active kid care!

RSVP by 2/15/19 with Morgann Box

7th Annual Leonard C. Burch Art and Literacy Context

Dear Students,

The Southern Ute Indian Tribe would like to invite you to participate in the 7th Annual Leonard C. Burch Art and Literacy Contest.

Leonard C. Burch was the Chairman of the Southern Ute Indian Tribal Council for more than 32 years. Under his leadership, the Southern Ute Tribe became a major economic force in La Plata County and in Indian Country.

The Southern Ute Tribal Council passed a resolution in 1996 to declare Dec. 10 of every year Leonard C. Burch Day. This year, we will honor Leonard C. Burch and his life by holding the 7th Annual Leonard C. Burch Art and Literacy Contest.

The contest is open to all Elementary and Middle School students. This year’s theme is: “Health and Wellness of the Utes” and all entries must pertain to this theme. The contest will end on Dec. 7, 2018. All entries must be submitted to Trennie Collins at The Southern Ute Drum office by Dec. 7 at 5 PM or can be mailed to PO Box 737, Ignacio, CO 81137.

Please see the flyer for complete information on contest guidelines.

LCB Art and Literacy Contest


In recent days, several mountain lion sightings have been reported along the Pine River
corridor in the Ignacio vicinity (Ute Park south to Shoshone Park). Although lions are rarely
seen here, the river corridor offers excellent habitat for this large predator, and its occurrence
here is not unusual.

If you use the trails or parks below Tribal Campus and along the Pine River, please take some
basic precautions to minimize your chance of an encounter with a lion. These include the

  • Travel with a friend or group and keep small children near you
  • Avoid walking within densely vegetated sites
  • Do not let pets run unleashed
  • Avoid recreating at dawn and dusk, when lions are most active
  • Carry a weapon or deterrent device within quick reach
  • Know how to behave if you encounter a mountain lion


In the vast majority of mountain lion encounters, the animals exhibit avoidance, indifference,
or curiosity that never results in human injury. However, it is natural to be alarmed if you have
an encounter of any kind. Try to keep your cool and do the following:

  • Recognize threatening lion behavior. If the animal quickly passes from view and is
    not observed again, the risk of further encounter is minimal. However, if the lion
    exhibits a pattern of follow‐and‐hide, creeping, or intense staring, recognize this as
    threatening behavior and respond accordingly.
  • Do NOT run from a lion, as this could trigger a predatory instinct to chase. Instead,
    walk away slowly from the encounter.
  • Try to appear as intimidating as possible: maintain eye contact, yell at the animal,
    stand tall, and wave your arms.
  • If attacked, FIGHT back. Use a weapon such as a knife, walking stick, or rocks. Lion
    attacks can often be stopped by effective resistance.

If you have recently encountered a mountain lion in this area, or would like additional
information, please contact the Wildlife Division at the number below. After hours please
contact Southern Ute Dispatch for assistance.

Southern Ute Wildlife Division – (970) 563‐0130

Southern Ute Dispatch – (970) 563‐4401