Southern Ute Tribal Seal

Southern Ute Detention Center

The mission of the Southern Ute Detention Center is to provide safe and humane confinement for all Native Americans, who are under the jurisdiction of the Tribe and other community members through inter-government contracts. The Detention Center will operate under the authority of the Constitution of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe. The Tribe will establish or adopt the following professional standards for Adult Correctional Association.


This painting was done by a former inmate who was incarcerated at the Southern Ute Detention Center.

The center is an integral part of the criminal justice system and plays an important role in the human service in this community. It is part of a system of alternatives available to the court and the community to deal with people whom violate the Tribal Code. The center provides levels of confinement appropriate to the varying security and programming needs of the inmate population.

The center has the responsibility to:

  • Provide for the basic human needs of detained persons.
  • Protect the civil and human rights of inmates.
  • Ensure that all persons whom come into the facility are safe.
  • Protect the community.
  • Offer opportunity for positive growth and change to its inmate population.
  • To use an appropriate balance of technology and human skills and to operate in a cost efficient manner.

As a major element in the criminal justice system, the center must be capable of responding to changes in the community through its adaptability and expansion capabilities. Finally to continue communication, cooperation, and coordination of tribal, local, county, and regional resources are essential to achieving its missions.

The Southern Ute Detention Center will be operated under the Detention Division, which is part of the Department of Justice and Regulatory. The Detention Director will be the primary administrator.