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Tribe Eyes an Opportunity

Southern Ute Indian Tribe eyes an opportunity to redefine self-determination

Shade House for Sun Dance

Southern Ute Tribal elders or handicapped members who need assistance with their shade house for Sun Dance, please contact Tribal Housing at 970-563-4710. If you are unable to pick up your ribbon, you may contact Elder Services at 970-563-0156. Elder Services will pick it up for you and tie it to your shade house.

The Ribbons will be for:

  • Shade – this will be placed next to your shade house.
  • Shade House repair

The departments are requesting that you do this as soon as you can so they can get started. There will be no add-ons or enlargements, REPAIRS ONLY per the Sun Dance Chief. This service will stop a week before the Sun Dance due to other department obligations that will need to take place for the corral and grounds.

For further questions please contact Special Events Coordinator, Tara Vigil at 563-2985.

Ouray Drive Improvements

Tribal Council and the Safety Committee have recommended turning Ouray Drive into a two-way road. A crew has painted a RED line to prevent parking in this area and has installed “No Parking” signs. Making this a two-way street will allow fire engines and other traffic to move safely in this area since it will not be congested by parking on both sides of the streets.

The Tribe greatly appreciates everyone’s cooperation with this important safety matter.

Animas River Alert

Notification only.

Southern Ute Emergency Management received a notification from the Animas River Incident Alert Group at 12:51pm. The EPA will be doing mine remediation in the Upper Animas Watershed which will stir up sediment and cause discoloration down river.

Spring Foster Care

Youth Employment Program

Ending Violence Against Women Project

Webcam Installed on Lake Capote Osprey Nest

Osprey Cam

The Southern Ute Wildlife Division is pleased to announce the successful installation of a webcam on the osprey nest at Lake Capote. The pair of ospreys have again arrived at the Lake and have been building their nest in preparation for their breeding season.

Watch all of the activity close-up and see what unfolds in this 10th year of osprey nesting at Lake Capote. The live video, along with more information about the birds, can be found at the following web page:

Wildlife Resources Management Logo Lake Capote Logo

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