FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Chairman Baker Selects Ramona Y. Eagle as Vice Chairman


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, December 20, 2021


Chairman Baker Selects Ramona Y. Eagle as Vice Chairman

Southern Ute Indian Reservation – Chairman Melvin J. Baker has selected Council Member Ramona Y. Eagle to serve as Vice Chairman of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe. Vice Chairman Eagle was elected to Tribal Council in 2019. Since her election, Eagle has served on the Growth Fund Management Committee, Southern Ute Indian Montessori Academy School Board as Ex-Officio Member, Johnson O’Malley (JOM) Indian Committee, Ignacio Creative District, and working to re-establish the Committee of Elders.

Eagle has previously served in the position of Vice Chairman two times prior under Chairmen Clement J. Frost and Matthew Box. “It is an honor to serve as the Vice Chairman under Chairman Melvin J. Baker. With a full Council, we are prepared to work on the Tribal Council priorities which benefit the tribal membership,” stated Vice Chairman Eagle. “I would like to thank, Mr. Bruce Valdez, who served as the Vice Chairman during his term.”

Vice Chairman Ramona Y. Eagle is the daughter the late Clifford and Annabelle Eagle (egap). She is a sister to Linda Eagle and mother to the late Sadie R. Frost (egap), Theodosha Frost, and Rhonda Wilbourn. She has 13 grandchildren.

“It is great honor to serve with Vice Chairman Eagle, the wealth of knowledge she brings will be beneficial to the Tribe. This is a historic moment, to serve with an all-female Council. I know, together, we will move forward in a positive way, keeping our membership our priority,” stated Chairman Melvin J. Baker.


Photo Credit | Jeremy Wade Shockley, Southern Ute Drum

20211220 – Chairman Baker Selects Ramona Y. Eagle as Vice Chairman (FINAL)