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The Construction & Project Management Department is committed to carrying out, in a professional manner, the needs and visions of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe related to the planning, design, and construction of tribal projects.

Active Projects

Cedar Point Housing Initiative

  • Project Description: This project entails civil design for twenty-three home sites, as well as design-build for twenty-five townhomes, new road(s), and additional infrastructure, and a new park for the residents at Cedar Point.
  • Project Start Date:  Fall 2015
  • Project Completion Date:
    • Phase 1A Construction Completed Summer 2017
    • Phase 1B Civil Construction Complete Winter 2017
    • Townhomes will be Complete Summer 2018.
  • Design Project Completion Percentage:
    • Master Infrastructure Report 100% Complete
    • Phase 1A Design 100% Complete
    • Phase 1B Design 100% Complete
    • Townhome Design 100% Complete
  • Design Firm:
    • Russell Planning & Engineering (Master Infrastructure Report, Phase 1A Construction, Phase 1B Construction, Conceptual Phases)
    • Reynolds Ash + Associates (Townhomes)
  • Contractor: FCI Constructors, Inc.
    • Cedar Point Housing Initiative Phase 1A Construction
    • Cedar Point Housing Initiative Phase 1B Construction
    • Cedar Point Housing Initiative Townhomes
  • Location: Cedar Point Subdivision


  • Project Description: This Project entails the design renovation of the old Sky Ute Casino purchasing building, which will be occupied by KSUT.
  • Project Start Date: Fall 2014
  • Project Completion Date: TBD
  • Design Project Completion Percentage: 100%
  • Design Firm: Reynolds Ash + Associates
  • Construction Completion Percentage: 0%
  • Contractor: TBD
  • Location: Old Sky Ute Casino Purchasing Building

KSUT project

SunUte Office HVAC Replacement

  • Project Description: This project entails providing replacement of the office HVAC unit at the SunUte Community Center.  C&PM is working closely with Building Maintenance as the project moves from a completed design into construction.
  • Project Start Date: January 2017
  • Project Completion Date: TBD
  • Design Project Completion Percentage: 95%
  • Design Firm: QA Engineering, LLC
  • Construction Completion Percentage: 0%
  • Contractor: TBD
  • Location: SunUte Community Center


CR 517 Road Improvements

  • Project Description: This is a joint project between the Tribe, La Plata County, and CDOT that incorporates signalization at HWY 172 & CR 517, curb and gutter from HWY 172 to Howe Drive, pedestrian improvements, bicycle paths, crosswalks, and a new left turn lane.
  • Project Start Date: October 2015
  • Project Completion Date: Summer 2018
  • Design Project Completion Percentage: 100%
  • Design Firm: Russell Planning & Engineering
  • Construction Completion Percentage: 99%
  • Contractor: Crossfire, LLC
  • Location: CR 517
517 Intersection
517 Intersection – Dana Kopf | Southern Ute Shared Services

HWY 160 Wildlife Overpass/Underpass

  • Project Description: This project is in conjunction with C&PM, Tribal Planning, Wildlife, and CDOT, and entails installation of one wildlife underpass and one wildlife overpass at HWY 160 & HWY 151.
  • Project Start Date: Spring 2018
  • Project Completion Date: TBD
  • Design Project Completion Percentage: 30%
  • Design Firm: Bechtolt Engineering, LLC
  • Contractor: TBD
  • Location: HWY 160 & HWY 151

Recently Completed Projects

SU 106 End of Trail

  • Project Description: This was a BIA-638 project and is re-construction of .6 miles of roadway.
  • Project Start Date: June 2013
  • Project Completion Date: Spring 2017
  • Design Project Completion Percentage: 100%
  • Construction Project Completion Percentage: 100%
  • Design Firm: Souder Miller & Associates
  • Contractor: Old Castle
  • Location: End of Trail Road

End of Trail Project

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