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Victim Services

The Victim Services Program provides assistance to victims of crime in the forms of counseling, referrals, support through the criminal justice, and court system, as well as provides shelter in special cases, for both primary and secondary victims.

Victim Services

Victim Services

The Victim Services Program currently works collaboratively with Violence Prevention Coalition of Southwest Colorado to provide a 911 cell phone loan program to assist primary victims involved in a domestic violent relationship.

The Southern Ute Victim Services Program is located in the Law Enforcement Department of the Southern Ute Justice Complex. The Program, was created in order to provide comprehensive, coordinated services to victims of crimes on the Southern Ute Reservation.

Why the Program is Important

Victim/Witness Programs have been set up in the District Attorney’s offices all over the country to help victims through the prosecution process. Counseling services and support groups are set up to assist in transition from victim to survivor. Victim Compensation is available that can assist in financial matters such as counseling, broken locks, injuries, ect. Most victims are not aware of the services available to them and research supports the belief the victims of crimes recover and return to more normal lives if support services are provided soon after victimization. Victims Services Program set up in the Law Enforcement Agencies can fill a void in referral, crisis intervention and support. Law enforcement agencies are reaping an added bonus; Officers have more time for active patrol while feeling comfortable that the victim is receiving adequate follow-up recourses. Investigators can do their work more effectively because victim’s questions about the process of the investigation and offering support during interviewing.

How the Victim Services Program Help Victims of Crime

The Victim Services Program is design to provide a support and information system to victims immediately by responding to the scene of the crisis, the clinic or the law enforcement agency handling the case. This is usually the time when most victims feel alone, afraid and have feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. Victim assistance includes such aid as 24/7 on call victim advocate, crisis intervention, counseling, emergency transportation, victim notification, court accompaniment, victim impact statement, assistance with civil protection orders, child custody and divorce cases, other agencies referrals, victim/witness assistance, restitution recovery, temporary housing and security measures. Such services are vitally important for victims and their families as the wind their way through the Justice System and try to recover from life shattering experiences.

If you are a victim of a crime act, you maybe eligible for assistance, feel free to call the Southern Ute Victim Services Program at 970-563-0245 to obtain information.