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World War II Monument

World War II Memorial Monument

World War II Memorial Monument

The World War II Monument tablet is about the same size as the World War I Memorial Monument and is also India black in color. It sits on the West side of the park just behind the welcome sign.

By World War II, Native Americans had officially become citizens of the United States of America and were subject to the full expectations of citizens, including service in the military, either by enlistment or the draft.

In all, 43 members of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe served in the military; some stayed in country, while others were sent to war. We lost some, but most returned home to their families, only to find new problems that war can cause in the human body and mind.

One of these solider was Anthony Burch. He would return from battle and later become Chairman of the Southern Ute Tribe. His picture is on the monument as he stands guard over the world. No fewer than 43 stars surround him, one for each member who served in the military at the time.

World War II

The Greatest Generation Honor, Tradition, Respect, of Family Values and Country: These Words Define This Generation of Americans. Let us not forget our Warriors of that time and the price they paid for freedom.

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