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Vietnam Monument

Vietnam Veterans Monument

Vietnam Veterans Monument

Vietnam Veterans Monument

Vietnam Veterans Monument – back

The Vietnam Veterans Monument was the first of its type to honor Southern Ute Vietnam veterans’ duty in combat. It sits on the East side of the Veterans Memorial Park facing inward. It was set there to honor the Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall, which came through Ignacio, CO in September 1997.

This war saw the second-highest number of tribal members to serve in any U.S. military conflict: 42 enlisted or were drafted. Only World War II had more at 43. Of the 42 who served, 18 went to Vietnam. All returned. We have since lost half of this group, but memories and dreams still keep them with us to this day.

The monument has a map of Vietnam below the words.

In 1997, The Vietnam Veterans Memorial the Traveling Wall stood on this ground. We, the Southern Ute People Honor the brave soldiers who gave their lives. For people so far away in a time we will never forget.

Vietnam Service
Tour of Duty Vietnam

† PVT Glenn Williams
July 1966–Apr 1967† SP4 Roger Price
June 1967–June 1968

SP4 Roland D Norris
July 1967–July 1968

† SP4 Elwood Howe
Apr 1967–May 1968

SGT Howard Richards Sr
Jan 1969–Aug 1969

† PVT Dennis Burch
Mar 1968–Mar 1969

† PFC Harold Silva
Feb 1969–May 1969

† SP4 Vincent Silva Jr
Mar 1969–Apr 1970

† SP4 Vernest Carel
Jan 1970–Dec 1971

SGT Tim Watts
Apr 1970–Mar 1971

SP4 Roderick Lee Grove
Aug 1970–Oct 1971

PVT Clifford Charles Cook
Nov 1965–Sept 1966

PVT Teddy Baker
Dec 1969–Dec 1970

SSGT Austin Box
July 1966–July 1967

PFC Eric Weaver

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