Southern Ute Veterans Association
Southern Ute Tribal Seal

Small Monument

Small Monument

Small Monument

This monument was done by the late Executive Officer Eugene A. Naranjo, veteran and strong supporter of the Southern Ute Veterans Association. It is located to the West of the central monument. It includes an eagle with an American flag and a pink-red line border.

We dedicate this memorial to our tribal warriors who have sacrificed their lives to protect the honor of their country and their people.

Grandfather give strength to the families who have lost a loved one in the pursuit of freedom from oppression for others.

Grandfather give strength to those who in the future will heed the call to battle so they too may serve their people with pride, honor and the acceptance of your guidance.

Grandfather give strength to us to accept past battles and lost warriors as a reminder that future disputes be resolved without the loss of blood.

Grandfather should blood and body be necessary in the future, give your warriors the strength and wisdom to serve their families and fellow tribal members with honor, dignity and your spirit.

Dedicated May 25, 1992 By The Tribal Council and the Membership of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe

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