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Records Retention Division

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Records Retention Division is to safeguard, preserve and house the records of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe for future reference and documentation.

Records Retention Division

Records Retention Division – photo Dana Kopf | Southern Ute MIS Dept.

The staff at the Records Division works closely with Tribal Council, the Recording Secretaries and other departments including the Growth Fund to ensure all minutes and resolutions are retained for safeguarding and future reference. The Records room contains a high security, climate controlled vault where sensitive and historical information is stored. A complete list of inventoried items exists within the division.

Records Retention provides services to Tribal Members, Permanent Fund, Growth Fund, tribal committees, and commissions. The Records Retention division is currently transitioning to an Electronic Management System. The goal of this transition is to make searching for records and documents easier for tribal departments and members. Through this transition the Tribe will implement the first retention policy approved by Tribal Council since the division’s inception.

The following are some of the services provided by the Records Retention Division:

  • Tribal Membership
    • Electronic or paper copies of Tribal Council Resolution
    • Photo scanning. Photos can only be scanned and electronically disbursed. You may contact the DRUM for printing.
    • There may be a fee associated with this service.
    • No more than 2 boxes a month per tribal household.
  • Employees and Departments
    • Storage, maintenance and disposition of tribal records.
    • Electronic or hard copies of resolutions, minutes or associated departmental documents.
    • Binding
    • Large document scanning
    • Laminating