Southern Ute Tribal Seal

Tribal Information Services Department


The Department of Tribal Information Services (TIS) is dedicated to the protection, preservation, maintenance, and dissemination of vital Tribal information, data, and records.

Tribal Information Services

Tribal Information Services – photo Dana Kopf | Southern Ute MIS Dept.

Services to Tribal Members

  • Code books for Tribal Members: $25.00 / Non-Tribal: $150.00
  • Indian Scholarship License Plates: $25.00
  • Notary Public Services: Free to all Tribal Members
  • Election Candidates Campaign Information:
    • Candidate should call for Tribal Member count of who wants material mailed to them by:
      • Age
      • City and States
    • Candidate must stuff envelopes with Candidates material before bringing to TIS
    • An invoice will be mailed to Candidate for charges for postage and labels
  • Funeral arrangement packet:
    • List of contacts within in the Tribe to help make arrangements
    • Hood Mortuary packet
    • Probate: Courts 970-563-0240
  • Council Minutes mailed out to tribal Members: Call to receive the minutes
  • Calendar mailed out to Head of Household of Tribal Members
  • Annual Report mailed out to Head of Household of Tribal Members