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Motor Pool

Mission Statement

The Motor Pool provides safe and reliable transportation for all Tribal departments and entities owned and operated within the Southern Ute Indian Tribal government. To deliver to its internal and external employees well maintained vehicle fleet, and to provide friendly, courteous and efficient service in the most effective manner while reflecting on our Southern Ute Indian culture and traditions.

Motor Pool

Services Provided to Tribal Departments

Procurement of vehicles for Tribal departments through completive package bidding from car dealerships, where the Tribe saves money, also acquiring fuel at cost, compared to cost at local gas stations there by saving the Tribal government money on fuel per gallon.

Motor Pool with its staff of six full time employees provides both Tribal government and Tribal entities with services throughout the year. These automotive services not only include the automotive repairs needed. This also included dispatching vehicles for the different department to use for Tribal business trips during the year.

Both unleaded gas and diesel are available 24-hours a day, this is accomplished thru an automated fuel delivery system, this fuel delivery system is able to supply fuel for those departments needing fuel after the regular working hours; SUPD, Health Services and other emergency related departments.

Motor Pool Staff

Motor Pool Staff

Services Provided to the Tribal Membership

Motor Pool provides these types of services during the year to the Tribal membership living west of the Pine River, spring and fall cleanup, during this time Motor Pool crews were hauling piled trash to the transfer station. During the winter months, snow removal, to insure access to resident’s driveways. Over 220 tribal homes receive these types of services.

Motor Pool provided employment for Tribal members under the Adult Education Program, TERO Program and Internship Program, in order for those individuals to acquire job related skills in the automotive field. Where they learn vehicle maintenance, minor repairs and some office duties, this year we employed two Tribal members through the Internship Program.

The Motor Pool also assists Tribal members who are handicapped or those in need, with minor repairs, such as tire repair, jump-starting vehicles, and technical assistance on vehicle problems. Including accepting used oil for recycling from the membership.

During the annual Sun Dance, Motor Pool staff aided, along with other departments, in the completion of the corral, including the delivery of the center pole. In this way, Motor Pool preserves the traditional values of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe.