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Southern Ute Indian Tribe

Environmental Leadership and Knowledge Seminar

Jeremy Wade Shockley | Southern Ute Drum

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Program Coordinator

Alex Ratcliff


The Environmental Leadership and Knowledge Seminar (ELKS) is dedicated to creating a pathway to environmental awareness by educating Tribal Membership youth and local Native American youth of environmental issues and processes through hands-on demonstrations and field trips. 

What is ELKS?

ELKS is a program created by the Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s Environmental Programs Division (EPD). ELKS will educate young tribal members of the community so they will know how important the environment is and how the Tribe’s EPD is protecting the environment. Educating the youth on the importance of the environment is crucial to the longevity and sustainability of our natural resources just as Leonard C. Burch advocated for the SUIT’s water rights with the Animas-La Plata Project.

2018 ELKS

This year’s ELKS Program will be held on July 24th and 25th. Please read the flyer below for more information.

2017 ELKS

ELKS was held June 19 – June 20, 2017 at the Environmental Programs Division in Ignacio, Colorado. This two-day conference featured rockets, glowing science, climate change issues, and a field trip for electrofishing.

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Water and Air Rockets
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Glowing Luminescence Demonstration
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Land vs. Sea Glacier Meltdown
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Field Trip to Collect Macroinvertebrates with Fish & Wildlife
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Examining Macroinvertebrates in the EPD lab
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Recycling Relay Race