Southern Ute Tribal Seal

Inmate Housing

Day Room

This is a General Population area at the Southern Ute Detention Center.

The Detention Center is primarily split into (5) five living sections. A-B Pods consists of (6) six two man cells. Each pod has a dayroom setup with tables and chairs. A television is also secured in each dayroom. There are (2) two showers located in A and B pod. D and E dorms are a Dormitory setup. D-Dorm is classified as the minimum custody and work release dorm. Each living area has a double bunk bed set up.

There is a large dayroom in the back area and in the front area where the television is located and secured. The dorms have private restroom areas and (2) two showers. E-Dorm is primarily used for housing female inmates. This area is set up much like D-Dorm. The same amenities apply. C-Pod is used to house immigration inmates and administrative segregation inmates.